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Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle





Today we are bombarded with diet everything: beverages, meal plans, weight plans, point plans. They last for a week or two or a month. Adkins, only fruit, only liquids, no carbs, non-fat, only chemicals and preservatives (the last one looks like a joke but I’m actually quite serious).

Why do these diets work for a little while and then people slingshot back not only to where they were to begin with but sometimes even worse? In my opinion they work for a short time because people are restricting their intake. There is only so much meat, fruit, no carb or non-fat you can eat in a day. But that’s besides the point. Diets are not lasting. People go back to the original way they were eating, and so their bodies do the same. Why? Because people aren’t building new habits.

People are dieting and I bold that particular section of the word because it’s not only painful and restrictive but most diets are literally slowly killing you with each diet product you consume.

You aren’t changing your habits and so fundamentally you aren’t changing a thing. I would argue you are better off not starting the diet at all.

Lifestyle changes or habit changes are a bit more of a test of strength at first but if you can do them for 30 days or more (the average amount of time to make a habit stick) they will stay with you. The definition of the term lifestyle is the way one lives, the habit will become your way of living and will come naturally without effort.

Along with re-working our habits with the foods we choose to put into our bodies, we need to stretch and move our bodies, brains and most importantly our habits of our thoughts. A great way to support changes in habits and the emotional ties you may have to them is to use EFT.


FAST FACT: Why is nothing working for you? Are you changing your actions repeatedly and therefore building a habit? Or are you searching for a quick fix? Fad diets don’t change your way of life, and if you aren’t fundamentally changing anything, nothing will change.

ACTION: Try 30 days of a new thought, movement, healthy food or whatever it is you need. I am personally in the process of a 30 day yoga challenge and I already cannot imagine my days without it. Pick one action, one part of your life where you can see room for a beneficial change. Yoga? Green juice? Water? Whole foods? Positive loving thoughts?

Let me know what you will do below!


Love and brussels sprouts, 


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