The Smile Diet: Foods that Keep the Dentist Away

Dentists help achieve a great smile. It creates more labor for them when you open your mouth to exhibit stains and tartar. It’s beneficial to you and kinder on your dentist to develop a diet that promotes a healthy smile. Here’s a diet a dentist would love.

Strawberry Fields

Strawberries have a rich red color but they help wipe teeth clean. Malic acid works as an astringent and scrubs on the surface of the tooth to rid the mouth of collected food and debris. If you’re feeling eccentric, see if you really can place a strawberry on your toothbrush for a cleaning.

Cheese Head

Most need little reason to eat cheese, but it contains calcium, good news for teeth and gums. Plus, casein, a protein in milk, is known to strengthen tooth enamel.

Orange Flesh

The juice of an orange has benefits such as vitamin C but its acidic nature does harm to gums and enamel. The skin of the orange, however, reverses the acidic effect by neutralizing saliva.

Go Nuts

Nuts exfoliate teeth and gums and scrub away unwanted debris. Almonds, cashews, and sunflower seeds do the trick. Stay away from salted varieties, however, to keep the endeavor healthy.

Onion Breath

There is little social benefit to eating onions but they do promote a healthy smile. Onions help keep plaque from forming on your teeth. But there is bad news for those who like fried or caramelized onions; eating raw onions is the only variety beneficial for teeth.

An Apple a Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and the dentist happy. Apples help strengthen gums and the added saliva production helps wash bacteria and plaque build-up. More reason to bob for apples the next time you’re at the grocery store.

Still Water

Water offers a ton of health benefits. But still-water helps flush away debris and bacteria in the mouth that otherwise eats away at tooth enamel. Be sure to opt for still water, however, since anything with bubbles can harm the teeth. If you’re having issues with tooth sensitivity you might need dental solutions.

Milk/Yogurt Aid

Eating milk or yogurt is like taking your teeth to the day spa. Both foods are filled with calcium and vitamins that are good for the mouth. Teeth get whitened and strengthened! Talk about a mineral bath!

Pear Up

The skin of pears neutralizes acid in the mouth that causes decay. While apples and strawberries are probably a bit better for your teeth, pair up with this variety of fruit when all else fails.

Grab for Carrots

Those looking to drop weight or add some tasty low-calorie toppings to salads and dishes opt for carrots. High in water content, the food works to wash away debris and bacteria.

Broccoli Brush

Did you think you were going to escape without eating a dose of greens? Celery helps burn calories and scrubs your teeth, but broccoli gets the job done even better, and it’s high in fiber.

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