The Counsellor’s Role in Every Successful Addiction Recovery!

Be it substance abuse, drug, or alcohol addiction; all these challenges are hard to overcome. Addiction recovery is a complex journey, and things can become complicated when a person resists seeking help. If your loved one is struggling with such challenges, then they need the comprehensive support of experienced psychiatrists and counsellors at the Drug or Alcohol Rehab Centre. Through addiction recovery programs, counsellors provide the essential guidance and encouragement addicts need to navigate their way back to health and well-being.

Create Therapeutic Alliance with Addicts

It is not easy to make the decision to seek addiction treatment; there should be a strong bond, trust, and collaboration between the patient and counsellor which is often known as a Therapeutic Alliance.

Therapeutic Alliance is the trust and safety that patients feel with their medical counsellors; help them to stay strong and work efficiently towards reaching their goal. A good alliance makes sure that patients trust counsellors for a healthy and speedy recovery from drugs.

It may take a good amount of time to develop trust among the patients, but once the patient starts feeling comfortable during their counselling sessions, they are able to make a faster recovery.

 A good therapeutic alliance can be made by:

  • Keeping the wellbeing of patients at the topmost priority.
  • Attentive therapy sessions.
  • Understanding the problem and sharing reliable recovery solutions.
  • Letting patients know that you are there to help them.

The alliance is the key factor in the recovery from drugs. By creating a comfortable, drug-free environment, counsellors help the patients to get better and recover faster.

Encourage faster recovery.

Recovery from long term addiction does not come easy, drug and alcohol dependency often cause relapse among the patients when they quit the abuse. “The counselling sessions while attending rehab motivate the patients to see a whole new perspective of life, help them to get control over their drug desires, and encourage them to live a drug-free life”, says Mat Gorman, CEO at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes.

Uses different approaches to motivation and empowers the patient physically and mentally to achieve the desired goals. Although all these changes are ultimately in the hand of the patient, counselling sessions can help them to adapt to a drug-free life, teach them about the withdrawals and relapse, and share useful advice to change behavior and become sober.

It is a responsibility of a medical counsellor to help the addicts in recognizing their problematic behavior, triggers, and encourage them to take the right action to overcome the problem.

Relapse Prevention

If you are a long-term addict, then you will surely face a relapse after quitting drugs at some point in your life. This relapse is on par with health conditions like Asthma, Hypertension, and Diabetes.

Here, we would like you to understand one thing that love really does not mean that your treatment fails, it’s just an indicator that you need to make some modifications in your treatment for the best health.

Counsellors have the well-equipped tools and technologies to help the patients in avoiding relapse. Preventing relapse needs a lot more than just strong will power. Whenever you feel temptation, you must learn to say no to drugs and stay focused on your addiction recovery. To help the patient, a customized relapse prevention plan is made by the councillors to avoid relapse in the future. The main elements included in the relapse prevention plan are:

  • Gathering previous patient records with substance abuse and relapse.
  • Relapse warning signs and how the patient can deal with them.
  • Emergency relapse treatment.
  • Changes in the foods and lifestyle behavior to prioritize patient wellbeing.

Get Help from The Counsellors and Recover Faster

Counsellors play the most important role in the drug addiction treatment of the patient. These are the highly empathetic people with the passion to help patients to get sober and live a drug-free, healthy life.  So, if you or your loved one is struggling with drug addiction, get help from the counsellors at an Austin rehab centre and ensure a faster recovery. From addressing the problem of identifying withdrawal symptoms, relapse prevention; the counsellors are there to help you with all.

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