The Best Workouts for Muscle Building and Strength Enhancement

Want to build muscle mass and shape your body like a Greek GodWe know it might seem impossible and let us assure you with some effort and a whole lot of consistency you too can have the physique of your dreams. 

We can provide you with the Upper Chest Workout formula to get a muscular body with fast muscle mass, six-pack abs and packs like Hercules, OVERNIGHT!

Spoiler alert! 

There is no such thing as an overnight body transformation. And no one can give you the formula for that because it doesn’t exist. It is as real as unicorns doing biceps stretch. Do not fall for these schemes. 

To keep you on the right track, we have prepared a guide that includes the best and the most effective exercises that can you do to add real strength and the right kind of muscle to your body. 


First on our list and my personal favourite is squats. All the bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast love Squats. Because squats target the desired muscles accurately and there are practically zero ways to do it incorrectly. It is so simple and absolute that you can never do it wrong or mess up your form. Generally, squats are done using a barbell and on a squat rack. These are the best for building strong and muscular legs. No lower body workout is complete without few sets of squats in it. The reason why squats are so effective is that it heavily stresses the muscles, urging it to get bigger and stronger after every rep. 


After squats, deadlifts are considered one of the best exercises. It also includes the use of barbell but it focuses on other muscles as well like the lats, back and lower body. Unlike squats, deadlifts require more attention and a concrete form because if done incorrectly, you can hurt your spine and injure yourself. It is wise to learn how to do deadlifts from an experienced bodybuilder before going all-in with it. 


It is time to forget about those dips that you get from your favourite restaurant.

The dips we are about to talk about is a body crusher. It targets numerous muscles at a time which makes it amazingly effective. It uses: chest muscles, shoulders, and it is a nightmare for your triceps. You will start feeling the burn only after a few reps. 


Not everyone can pull off a pull up (pun intended). Pull-ups are so difficult that even heavy lifters who pose all day cannot do more than a few reps. That’s why it is so important because it urges you to use all your strength on those muscles and move your body against the cruel gravity. It mainly takes shots at lats, back and biceps muscles. Pull-ups don’t even require any equipment just a bar or a place where you can hang yourself without falling or breaking anything.

Bench Press:

The bench press is the mother of all chest related exercises. It involves all of the strength inside your upper body and lets you unleash the best of yourself. Moreover, it comes with a bunch of variations as well to focus on different muscles. Incline, decline, flat bench, with a barbell, with dumbbells, even with humans. You can get as creative as you like. Bench press gives you a pump so profound that you feel like inches away from becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

These are the top 5 exercises that you must include in your workouts if you want to buff yourself up and make all your friends go bananas. Talking of bananas, these exercises won’t do any good if you don’t take your diet seriously because a good workout is useless if not accompanied by a good diet. Stay focused, stay active and make every workout count. 

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