Stay Upright and Confident: Essential Tips for Seniors to Avoid Falls!

When you get older, your mobility is often the first thing that you notice being affected – and this can sometimes be one of the most embarrassing things to deal with. It can also be one of the most dangerous.

Have you thought of what could happen to you if you were to fall and there was nobody around to help you when you were seriously injured? It’s easy to fall: But there are ways to prevent such an accident from happening in the first place. Here are some ways seniors can prevent falls.

Comfortable Shoes

Shoes that are uncomfortable or don’t quite fit you right can mean that you feet hurt; but it can mean much more than that, too. It can mean that you are not stepping in the right way, and this can mean that one wrong step can send you tumbling to the ground.

You should pick comfortable shoes with plenty of grip – and yes, sometimes this means that you need orthopaedic shoes that are customized to your needs and your individual body’s way of walking.

Using a Cane

When mobility becomes an issue, sometimes just changing your shoes isn’t enough to correct the difference – for many with hip, back and knee problems, walking is a lot of effort and might even result in a lot of physical pain.

Then, you need an aid to help you walk – and the first to choose is a cane. There are many types of canes available, and many of them put the pressure on the shoulder rather than the wrist and elbow, which is prone to arthritis as you age.

Falls Outside

If you are outside in bad weather, this drastically increases your chances of a fall – and it could be a much harder landing than if you were to fall on a carpet at home.

There are a couple of things you can do here – including changing the bottom attachment of your cane or crutches to ensure that you have a better grip on the surface that you are walking on. It’s recommended that you combine this with the best shoes that you can afford so that you can walk comfortable and without having to worry that you might trip.

Down With Shoelaces

Shoelaces are a huge culprit when it comes to tripping over your own feet and stumbling: Of course, when your mobility has already been affected by growing older then you will not want to stumble over your feet.

This could be dangerous and could lead to fractures and breaks that you really can’t afford. So why not choose shoes that don’t have shoelaces at all? You’d be really surprised at just how much of a difference this can make if you’re looking to walk better – and often shoes without laces are easier to adjust and better to secure the ankles.

Falls in the Shower

Another very high-risk area for falls when it comes to the elderly is the possibility that they might fall in the shower. Showers are slippery, and it can be hard to stand for long periods at a time or get in and out without slipping:

There are many inventions that can make this easier to deal with, including shower mats that ensure you can’t slip as easily in the shower; you can easily have bars installed in the shower that ensures you have something to hang on to, or you can just move a plastic chair into your shower to ensure you can sit down while you shower – this takes a lot of the pressure off what you have to do.

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