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Protect Yourself Against Cold & Flu Naturally!

Protect Yourself Against Cold & Flu Naturally!

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Krishnamurti





I’m proud to say when my sister started feeling sick from teaching her little 3rd grade kiddies (stories of these kids could make an award winning book) instead of going to the doctor and getting antibiotics she asked me for mushrooms. She is building her immune system instead of knocking it out and it will make a world of difference for her.

If you feel sickness coming on here are my top 6 tips to start feeling better naturally (yay!) within 24 hours.

1 Garlic – One of the healthiest foods you can eat. The best way to consume is raw, chopped garlic but if you don’t want stinky breath you can cook the garlic with your meals. Although they are tricky little guys to peel I add them to almost everything I make. You can also buy these in capsule form in your health food store. Load up on them (triple the dose) if you are feeling sick. Please remember to take the capsules with food!


2 Mushrooms- You can also buy these in capsule form. I recommend Lifeshield Immunity Mushrooms. Chaga and Reishi are also amazingly powerful mushrooms. They build your immune system, are antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial along with anti-inflammatory (which many doctors know is the root cause of all disease). These are power-packed! I would also recommend to double or triple the dosage if you are feeling sick.


3 Oregano Oil – Be forewarned this oil is very strong and it is VERY powerful. Anti-bacterial with a whole lot of antioxidants, omega 3s, fiber and minerals. You can actually feel it clearing you up in seconds. An amazing brand is Oreganol.


4 Neti Pot- A small device with a spout (almost little like a little gravy boat) that is designed to irrigate your nasal passage. You fill it with warm water and salt (most come with the salt) and pour into one side of your nose so that it drains out the other side. I have a friend who uses it in the shower just in case she spills all over herself. Try it out if you have any sinus/nasal congestion!

*Dwight using a teapot as a Neti Pot in The Office. Is it good or bad that I typically think Dwight makes perfect sense sometimes?


5 Oils- Adding essential oils to your skin or to your bath can be very helpful to ease your body into a healing state. Eucalyptus if you feel congested, peppermint for headaches, lavender for stress or tea-tree oil.


6 EFT- Recognize whether you WANT to feel sick. It sounds weird, I know. Sometimes when we have too much going on, our bodies will figure out a way to force us to relax. Just recognize when your body is doing this. Be with it and let yourself relax for a day (before you get sick is ideal!). I find I get headaches when I have way too much going on. I want to lay down and do nothing. I use EFT and tap on the stress and my headaches are gone within minutes. Use EFT on these feelings and see what happens for you! (www.thetappingsolution.com).


FAST FACT: Your gut flora plays a huge role in your immune system, in fact, about 83% of your immune system is located in your gut. When you take antibiotics much of that gut flora is destroyed. Instead of wiping out your immune system to take out the virus, why not build your immune system with what I mention above so your body can tackle the virus on its own. What you’ve built in your body will be able to tackle what comes along in the future as well. Double wammy!

ACTION: If you are starting to feel a cold coming on try something new and see how you feel. Try one or try them all. It feels amazing to fight a cold by building your own system. Our bodies will take care of any invaders given half the chance! Let me know how it goes for you!


Love and brussels sprouts,


  1. Michael says:

    Don’t forget wheat grass. Use a juicer, don’t eat the actual grass.

  2. heather b. says:

    i love this post! especially since i am phasing out the iron and vitamin c i take daily, in order to see if i can adjust my food intake and get it naturally. i looove garlic, and just bought mushrooms for the second time ever today! just portobellos, but still! have heard the wonders of the netipot and with a famously congested nose, may finally need to try it. love the dwight picture! thanks, brenna! xo.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love this blog post! I am very allergic to most medications so I am all for trying anything that will heal naturally! 🙂 Making a smoothie with the reishi and chaga mushrooms made me feel amazing afterward! I highly recommend trying the mushrooms!

  4. Brenna Ortner says:

    I’ve had many people ask me where to get the medicinal mushrooms. Your local healthfood store should have them, if not, I would recommend buying them online. Brands I recommend are New Chapter, Mushroom Science, Solaray, and in my opinion the highest quality is Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs. Enjoy!

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