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Before I started working with Brenna, I had been wanting to change the way I eat for a while and boost my very low energy levels and general zest for life. I didn’t want to go to a regular a nutritionist because restrictive or controlling approaches to food really trigger my issues with food and body image and never resolve anything for me. Then I saw a recommendation for Brenna and I talked to her. In our initial conversation, she seemed very open to work in a different way, less restrictive, more holistic.

Working with Brenna, I really liked that she works asking many questions, offering several realistic and viable options and giving reliable information. I felt supported and understood, met where I was, and never noticed a drop of judgment or ‘scolding’.

With her coaching and acceptance, I really changed the way I eat, and found clarity amongst all the theories and advice that currently circulate about nutrition. I also found a way to eat and take care of myself that works for me, one that maintains and supports good energy levels and is also emotionally comforting and soothing. As my energy levels went up, I started exercising and moving more, and also started craving it, too.

What I appreciate the most about Brenna is that she has a kind, accepting and open mentality towards changing habits, which allows her to be creative and suggest solutions that work for me instead of imposing lifestyle changes that won’t stick.

I am grateful for the opportunity of working with her and the changes that we implemented together. It was such a pleasant surprise that ‘eat better’ and ‘exercise’ were NOT in my new year resolutions list this year! Working with Brenna has been a very positive experience and a really good investment. I recommend it to anybody who is struggling with their energy, their mood or the way they eat and take care of themselves.

Laia Mateu, Alameda, CA


I began working with Brenna Ortner shortly after my six year old son was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary in his first grade classroom along with 19 of his classmates and 6 teachers and administrators. One of the worst mass shootings in US history, my son’s death and the situation obviously devastated me, leaving me in shock, traumatized, and in deep grief with the worst mental, physical and emotional aftermath imaginable. I am a single mother and found that I could not return to work in the full capacity that my job demanded. I started a foundation in my son’s honor during this time period and also needed to be fully present as the sole emotional support for my surviving 12 year old son.

When I started working with Brenna I was overweight, not sleeping, with extreme anxiety and stress. Brenna began teaching me about nutrition and supplements in a calm, confident and sure manner, helping me to find peace within myself and eventually my world. She shared the latest scientific breakthroughs in nutritional psychology and food preparation that astonished me and changed the way I will think about food, it’s origins, preparation and eating, forever. We discussed my son and the issues he was having with diet and tension and were able to resolve those as well, with grounded and solid advice.

I learned things that will stick with me forever, gems that have changed my life and that I share with others on a daily basis and thus use to make the world a better place. I came away in love with Brenna and the love she spreads in the world with her work, and you will too!

Scarlett Lewis, Sandy Hook, CT 


After spending 10+ years of visiting different doctors with my variety of hormone imbalance issues, I finally found the answer I was looking for – Brenna!  What a breath of fresh air she is.  She listened to me, talked to me, gave me suggestions and finally found what it was that was causing all of my symptoms for sooo many years.

She is not like a typical Dr. who gets a script pad out and writes you a prescription for one of your many symptoms.  I remember going to my Gyn one year and told her that I had no libido.  She actually asked me “do you love your husband anymore”?  Who says that?  When I told another Dr. that my weight wouldn’t come off no matter what I did, she told me not to eat what the kids ate.  REALLY?  I am not stupid – I exercise, eat healthy, etc., but with a hormonal imbalance the weight wouldn’t come off.

Brenna gets to the root of the problem and finds out why you are having the symptoms.  I was on laxatives for over 6 years or otherwise could not go to the bathroom. With Brenna’s help, I am finally laxative free!  I never thought that would ever happen!!  I am now doing yoga, sleeping better, NO TUMMY ACHES, and am slowly getting my adrenals back on track after years of stress.  It will be a slow recovery, but at least I know how to fix it.

Thank you Brenna for giving me my life back.
Ginger Bruha, Spring Grove, PA



I started working with Brenna a little over 6 months ago. When I first scheduled with her my intention was to work through some limiting beliefs around food and my main goal was to lose weight, it was a really simple goal. What I received was this and so much more, I had no idea I would learn and transform on the inside as much as I did.

Each session is so intentional and Brenna has a beautiful way of incorporating her coaching and educating the client. I love that Brenna is really able to take whatever I am experiencing that week and provide resources. Using tapping, manifestation, her wealth of knowledge, and her coaching skills. Being on this journey with Brenna is like having a partner. She is there with you, during the calls and in between. She is my cheerleader at times, my coach at times, and always holding me accountable.

I just signed up for another 6 months! I feel like there is so much to learn and discover. I am loving the way my body feels, not in a weight loss sense, more in an embodied sense. As I take my supplements and use my facial products daily, I feel my body is thanking me. I thank Brenna most of all for teaching me about health and nutrition, things we don’t learn growing up. With the increasing sickness and fatigue in our country, it makes me feel a sense of relief knowing I am educating, empowering, and taking care of myself. I truly can not say enough about Brenna, I highly recommend her. 

Melanie Scott, River Ridge, LA


The best thing about Brenna is she meets you where you are, makes you feel good about it, and then encourages you to be even better.  I hesitated about joining the program, thinking I already knew everything about living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight – I just needed to apply it. I was so wrong!

She has taught me so much over the last six months about my hormones. I am a vegan and she taught me the best vegan food choices to make, the best vegan supplements to take, the best organic skincare to use, the best water source available, how to practice tapping, and the list goes on and on.

I have more energy, my skin looks better than it ever has, and I have released 20 lbs without even thinking about it.  Brenna is one of the greatest blessings in my life and a true gift to this world.

Melanie Jones, Fairview, TN


First, I want to say one-on-one a very big, wholesome thank you! (I’m reaching both my arms out to you right now) 🙂 My eyes are starting to swell up with tears because looking back on the past 3 short months, I feel like your program has forced me to uncover areas of weakness and take a deep look inside myself to realize what was truly making me unhappy and start at the bottom to build everything up again from square #1.

I cannot tell you how happy and blessed I feel for having faced such a challenge and responding to it in the best way possible. Looking back on my goals, it’s incredibly sad to me to see how I really felt, I was in a dark and low place. I’ve always been an upbeat, positive & happy person but had taken a downhill turn just 3 short months ago.

I feel a renewed sense of well-being, positivity and gratitude. I’d always considered myself a somewhat ‘healthy’ person until I really realized the impact of things I put in and ON my body. I am no longer using my two face medications originally prescribed for acne, I’ve reconnected to my mind & body and feel more confident managing my stress via healthy outlets.

You have a wealth of knowledge but do not strictly want to just share it, you really invested in my story and were all about helping me get where I wanted to be, which is exactly where I am today.

Everything happens for a reason, and I think the roadblock I faced which made me decide to start your program was truly a blessing in disguise. You have made a difference in my life, and it’s not small. You are truly an incredible person and have a gift, keep using it and leading others to the path of fulfillment inside & out.

Thank you again for all you’ve given me.

Sara Reese, New York, NY



I know I keep saying this but you have brought such an amazing and needed change to my life and I feel like I am living for the first time. I know that sounds pretty “heavy” but it is so true. In the past, I feel like I’ve just kind of gotten by. Don’t get me wrong, I have had an AMAZING life with friends, family, love, traveling, other experiences…you name it! But my eyes never felt truly open and I never felt truly awake and happy with who I am. I think this is the perfect time for me to be making these changes. Eating well, exercising, and understanding how what I eat and how I live impacts me and my family, COMBINED with the happiness and peace I finally have with myself and who I am has me feeling like I can finally thrive!!!

Caitlin Chapin, Old Saybrook, CT


I feel like I’m waking up from this hibernation I’ve been in and it’s because of you! Thank you so much Brenna for guiding me. You are amazing.

Maggie Hofer, West Hartford, CT


Brenna is absolutely awesome. I looked forward to each and every one of our sessions. I felt like I was talking to one of my best friends from the very first call. She was tuned into my feelings just from the way I said good morning. She helped not only with my nutrition needs but my whole well being. I am 13 pounds lighter, have a clear head, and am enjoying my food choices while preparing whole foods on a regular basis. Clean eating and feeling better were my two major goals… I got so much more. The whole experience was life altering for me.

Pat Humeniuk, Seymour, CT


As a former vegan/vegetarian and someone who has read many books and articles on “healthy” and “ethical” eating and living, I came to Brenna looking for someone who could help me sort out all of this different information and create a sustainable lifestyle that was healthy and practical! I found exactly that. Brenna does not push her own agenda, but instead works with the individual to make small, sustainable changes within their current life.

She has a wealth of information to share, however is continuously checking-in with her clients to make sure that they are getting what they need from the program.  Brenna has an amazing wealth of information that covers nutrition, EFT, hormonal health, exercise and more and has given me so many small, but life-changing tools. My life feels more balanced, years of stomach problems have been resolved and I have an easier time balancing ethical eating with the practicality of cooking on a budget.

Brenna has an amazing gift for supporting her clients and celebrating each small or big accomplishment, while also sharing her own journey as inspiration. Brenna is genuine, knowledgeable and such a pleasure to work with! I have found that even after I have ended her program, I still have a little Brenna in my head, cheering me on as I write in my gratitude journal, reminding me to stop and notice when I feel out of balance and giving me permission to not have to be perfect!

A. M., Rocky Hill, CT



Working with Brenna was a wonderful experience.  My energy, mood, and libido are much better. Her wealth of knowledge and positive attitude made it very easy for me to follow her recommendations. Her passion for health and nutrition was contagious. I am grateful to have found her and know I am now on the right track to wellness and better health.

Alma Cortina, New Canaan, CT 


I’ve lost 15 pounds and am incorporating new healthy foods, recipes, smoothies and now yoga! It really takes an education to know what to eat, it’s just amazing what I didn’t know! You’ve brought me back to my roots. Thank you, Brenna!

Maria Dibble, New Milford, CT


I now drink green juices and have my family drinking them as well. I’ve learned to cook delicious healthy meals and I absolutely love the products Brenna recommends for me for the inside and out. And most importantly, Brenna inspires me!

Sofia Ortner, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Thank YOU, my health coach and one of my favorite friends for helping me reach and pass my goal by losing 13 pounds (in the past 6 months) and counting!  I had serious stomach and digestive issues before and now I almost forget what it is like to have the pain. 

I am pretty sure you were born to be a health coach.  You are extremely nurturing and supportive. There is never a semblance of reprimand anywhere in your program which was so perfect for me and can be present elsewhere. You really supported me along the way and made me feel proud of my changes and encouraged me to keep going, or gave me a little push when I needed it.  You lead by example and I love that you have gone through the changes to become healthy, you weren’t always this way, which makes it feel so much more attainable for me.

These lifestyle changes have meant so much to me. it is something I have been trying to do since college and I wish my Dad was here to see me.  Every single change, while it is for me,  is in honor of him. I am so lucky to have you to help, educate and support me!

Nicole Arthur, New York, NY


Brenna is skilled, supportive, informative, constantly positive, warm and whole hearted. She has intention behind every word she speaks which gave me a sense of ease and the feeling that I could accomplish anything.

I have noticed a deeper appreciation and awareness of what I am putting into my body. I have become more conscious of the way my body responds to the foods I eat, supplements I take, and thoughts I think. Overall, I have become a more conscious being with a greater understanding of nutrition, positive thinking, and health.

I thank her for everything, I loved talking to her every two weeks and her support of what I desire out of life. She is meant to do what she is doing, you can tell not only in the way she speaks but also in the way she makes others feel. Brenna rocks!

Viki DeSalvo, Hamilton, New Jersey


After speaking with Brenna, I have been able to heal in places I was never able to go to before. Speaking with her helps me set great intentions and results in amazing shifts in my mood. After tapping with her on various issues I feel at peace, calm, relaxed and in control of my life.

Before, I used to twist all of my issues into food issues, I would debate with my mind and body every time I ate something. I’ve finally learned to just let go, I realized my life issues cannot be blamed on food and instead started to deal with my life. I now listen to my body and enjoy the nourishment I give it. It’s the first time I’ve been able to do this. On top of all of this is the friendship we have built 🙂 Thank you, Brenna!

Doll Creelman, Ontario, Canada


Since starting this program I have seen MANY positive changes. The biggest change I notice is my behavior when I am grocery shopping and eating at home. My grocery list has changed COMPLETELY! I think about better decisions that I want to make throughout the day and am especially good when it comes to my breakfast and lunch choices. I continue to have at least one green juice or smoothie every day!

Emily Coyle, Stamford, CT




I have lost 13 pounds and counting, my osteoporosis has stabilized (my doctor was impressed and took notes on what I was doing), I have more energy, feel grounded, stable, and just feel absolutely amazing. Had I not done this program I would have NEVER known the foods I was eating were so bad for me.

I really can’t believe the way I felt before this program and how I was so used to that groggy, sluggish feeling. It became a way of life. I’ve learned it’s not normal and we can really all thrive at any age. This is my new way of living and I’m never going back!

Thank you Brenna for changing the way I eat and just making me realize my health is THE most important thing in the world.  My 90 year old mother says, “Your health is the most important thing to have.”   I want to stay healthy and get stronger every day. I want to live my next 50 years just as strong as my first 50!

Deborah Taylor, Brookfield, CT


When I started this program I didn’t think it would make that much of an impact on my health or weight because I have always eaten fairly healthy and worked out on a regular basis.  I am not overweight, but I always thought I could afford to lose a few pounds.  I don’t have any health issues so I didn’t think there was too much to improve. I stand corrected!

Joining this program has truly been a life changing experience.  A few small changes that Brenna suggested made a world of difference.  I knew once I started that this wasn’t just another one of those fad diets that only offer a temporary fix.

Almost immediately I had more energy, felt happier and was losing weight on top of it! I am happy again, learned how to manifest what I want in life and was truly brought back to life.

The Health Coaching that Brenna offers is not just about weight loss, but so much more.  I am in such a good place right now and it’s unbelievable that I haven’t made any drastic changes.  Being healthy became second nature and not something that was constantly on my mind.  This program turned into a lifestyle change rather than a daunting diet.

I have never experienced something that had such a positive impact on so many aspects of my life and I am forever grateful to Brenna for it.

Kristen Russo, Hoboken, NJ