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Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

During my morning sickness I did extensive research on natural ways to feel better. I took notes and compiled what was working and what didn’t so that I could share with other women. I know that even the slightest moment of calm during the morning sickness storm feels heavenly, so I hope that this helps you too: 


 Tapping Meditations. My husband recorded some for me personally, and because they worked so well they are developing a whole set of them. I will update with a link as SOON as they are completed. 


morningsicknessremedies Sea Bands. These are fabric bands with a plastic bump that pushes on acupuncture points on your wrist. You may think they aren’t working, but take them off and you’ll notice how much they were helping.

I kept trying to wash them but didn’t want them off of my wrists for even an hour so they pretty much stayed on me at all times (TMI?). 


One and half oranges Find one food you can eat and keep a constant store of it. Mine were oranges, and they settled my stomach enough to have something else right after it. 


 Be easy on yourself. Allow yourself to eat whatever you feel like eating, just get something in. For me, all I ate was fruit and bagels with cream cheese for a month. That’s all I could stomach. Getting upset with myself for not eating healthier definitely happened, but I realized I was doing the best I possibly could and let it go. Morning sickness plus stress of morning sickness? No thanks. Be easy on yourself. Around 11 weeks I started craving healthy fresh food again. You’ll get back to your normal self again.


sb10067958fd-001 Protein. Anything that will keep your blood sugar stable will help the most with relief. I couldn’t even look at green veggies, eggs, fish, or meat, but if you are up to it, those are fantastic sources of protein. I ate almond butters and peanut butters (recipe below for almond butter balls which saved my life). 


 Pre-Natal Check. Make sure your pre-natal vitamin isn’t making you more nauseous. Always take your pre-natal with food and even then, try a day without it and see if you feel better. I had to switch my pre-natal from Thorne brand to Innate – must better!


ginger Ginger. I had ginger tea, ginger supplements (with food) and ginger candies for when I was in the car.


 B12. This gave me my energy back. I felt safer using a patch than a supplement since so few supplements are proven safe for pregnancy. I like the Healthy Habits B12 patch. 


almondbutterballs Snack by the Bed. Have something to put in your stomach right before sleep and right when you wake up. The term morning sickness comes because most women feel it in the morning when their stomach is empty, though for most of us it should really be called all-day-when-will-this-ever-end sickness. I found that my almond butter balls worked like nothing else. A good mix of protein & carbs for me. 


 Enlist help. My husband would constantly ask me if I needed something from the grocery store.  I know, I am extremely blessed. It made my life so much easier. Let your significant other (or best friend or sister or mom or whoever) know you need help, and that a store full of food may be hard for you to walk through.


 Accept it. I was really fighting my nausea, until a friend told me to just let it be and stop trying to control it. I loved that. So while I could definitely still try to make it easier, I accepted it. If I have to throw up, I have to throw up, it’s okay. Interestingly enough after I accepted it, it calmed down.


plasticbag Carry a big plastic bag. Along the same lines of accepting it, carry a plastic bag with you everywhere you go. Sometimes the fear of having to throw up in a public place can make the nausea a lot worse. When I had a bag with me and I didn’t care as much. Just throw up in it and throw it out.


 Know that this will pass. Most morning sickness passes around 12 weeks. Mine thankfully eased up around 11 weeks. Every body is different and remember, you’re growing a human being! You’re doing an amazing job, and it won’t be like this forever.



Love and brussels sprouts,




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