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My Path to Becoming a Health Coach

My Path to Becoming a Health Coach

“Maybe you can’t change the whole world, but if you have love in your heart you can make small differences every day, which really does change the world, one life at a time.” – Kristina Koncz



I had the idea while running down the west side highway in NYC, not surprisingly; don’t the best ideas come when we are moving our bodies? Anyways, I decided that I wanted to share everything I had learned about food and nutrition. I wanted to share how my body changed, my mind changed, my mood changed, how amazing I felt everyday, and how the people whom I shared it with were feeling the same changes. I wanted to start a blog about nutrition.


I finished my run and told my then boyfriend, now husband, what I wanted to do. I want everyone to be able to feel this good. I wanted to teach people about why they felt the way they felt, and how they could change it. All anyone really wants is to just feel good, sometimes just to feel normal. To not feel sluggish, unhappy, in pain, barely able to get out of bed in the morning. Everyone is just doing the best they can with the information they have, and I wanted to spread better, cleaner information for people to work off of. 


I love writing, photography, and nutrition, so a blog combining the three sounded really fun. A creative outlet. At the time I hadn’t planned on getting certified in the nutrition field. My husband mentioned a friend who had gone to this nutrition school years ago in New York City, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. So I called her and asked her all about it and checked out the school. Within a week I made the investment and was signed up for the next class.



I get many questions about IIN when others are debating joining the health coach revolution. What made the decision so easy for me was the convenience.  I was able to listen to all of the classes as I walked around the city and while in another job. I wasn’t tied down to a specific place that I had to go, or even tied down to my own computer in my home. I slowly built up the confidence to work with clients and eventually had so many clients that I felt confident making health coaching my full time job. I earned the investment back just 6 months after we are legally allowed to start working with clients, a mere year after starting the program.


Without IIN, without the convenience, I may not have started this career so early in my life.  I don’t know if I would have started it at all. I would have built the blog, shared the information with friends and family, but to leverage my reach to thousands, guiding them to change their lives, being a support system for them, IIN taught me how to do that.


So what is the program like? IIN teaches an unbiased view of many different dietary theories and allows you to dive into what resonates with you. Personally I am most passionate about female hormone systems so after graduating I trained and specialized in hormonal balancing under Dr. Sara Gottfried. IIN has built their school to support you with your fellow classmates, mentors, and friendships I still have.  IIN offers business guidance as well, what is called the ‘immersion year’ or second year, and even an incredibly easy to use website. For more detailed information on the school you can contact them here .


Is it all unicorns and fairies building my own business? No. In certain ways I find it much more difficult than my past finance job, because I care so much. I find myself thinking about clients far more than I did about my mutual fund portfolios. I do all of the marketing, writing, designing, and working one on one with all of my clients by myself. That being said, is it the absolute most amazing career in the world, for me? 1,000% yes. I am guiding women to change their lives, to feel like themselves again, to thrive, to love life again. I often learn just as much from them as they learn from me. I could not imagine myself doing anything else.


Thank you, Institute for Integrative Nutrition. For the education, the certification, the convenience, and for helping me to build my confidence and my business to what it is today.  


Fast Fact: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition was my doorway into living a life I love, while guiding others to do the same.

Action: Check out IIN if you’re interested in nutrition, even if it’s just for yourself. I have many friends who completed the program solely for their own health. Or if it’s something else you love, find somebody who is doing it and learn from them, because, honestly, isn’t that the point of life? To do what you love. As Jim Carrey states, if you can fail at something you hate, why not take a chance to fail at something you love. 

Love & brussels sprouts,



  1. Katie says:

    Hi there. I found your post very helpful. I am ready to become the healthiest version of myself and hopefully help others one day. Thank you!

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