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My Personal Pregnancy Supplements

My Personal Pregnancy Supplements

Every body is completely different with its own needs. This was specific to what I needed, what I researched, and my favorite brands.

Hope this helps get you started! 




Methyl Folate

This is a form of folate. I take 5 mg per day because I have an MTHFR mutation, which most of the population has. I recommend methylated folate even if you don’t know. This can help prevent neural tube defects in the baby. I like Thorne brand. I take this supplement everyday, whether or not I’m pregnant, and it’s a good idea to start with it at least 3 months before conceiving. 

Innate Baby & Me PreNatal


This supplement is food based and has a blend for the first & second trimester and a blend for the third trimester. I find these much easier to get down with a serving size of only two pills, and they don’t make me nauseous where other pre-natals did.


I’m a bigger fan of getting good healthy gut bacteria through fermented foods, and interestingly enough I had some crazy cravings for my green fermented food blend which tastes a bit like pickles. I did, however, find this supplement really helped keep me regular and since I was off the coffee and other herbs I sometimes used for constipation, I kept this as a regular in my arsenal. My favorite brand is Bio Kult. 


Bone Development

Vitamin D

vitamin-d-sunshine-mist-sprayI am always working on increasing my Vit D levels. I brought them up to 45 from 23 in about a years time and then with this pregnancy they dropped back down to 23 in about 3 months. Babies can take a lot of your vitamin D stores, which is a good thing because it’s SO important for the baby. Being pregnant in the winter, I used a sunlamp and took 4,000IU of Mercola’s spray Vitamin D on days I didn’t use the sunlamp. I brought my numbers back up to 57. In my opinion optimal is around 70. 


Babies soak up major mineral stores, which makes sense because those little bones are made primarily from minerals. Even if our diets are fantastic, it’s hard to get enough minerals for ourselves (and our thyroid) with such depleted soil, let alone enough for another human inside of you. I took a liquid mineral supplement almost every morning of Quinton Sea Minerals. Highly filtered, high quality and super concentrated.


Brain Development

Collagen for Pregnancy


These next three are not just for baby brain development but for my own brain and keeping my skin elastic in the winter as it stretched!

Dr. Dave’s Best Fish Oil

Nordic Natural Prenatal DHA

Powdered Collagen ->


Blood Development

Did you know your blood volume increases by 50% during pregnancy!? It’s one of the reasons we need so much more water, since our blood is about 90% water. 


Organic Pregnancy Tea by Traditional Medicinals


I drank this brand along with my own pregnancy concoction. I found organic loose herbs at a health food store that were listed in the pregnancy tea, and I added nettle and oat straw for my less than optimal iron levels. Among its many benefits are strengthening the uterine wall and relaxing smooth muscles in the uterus, improving chance of implantation and preventing miscarriage.


Floradix Iron Supplement 

I really believe in trusting your gut instinct. I kept getting signs to start taking iron, but hesitated because I thought I was getting enough through grass fed meats, oatmeal, and green smoothies. Lo and behold my blood tests showed low iron levels. Listen to what you think your body may need! If you think it’s a sign, it is a sign, trust it.



This seems like a lot, but is pretty easy when you take a couple with every meal. I also had days I didn’t get everything, and I was ok with that!

If there is ever a food based option, go with that. I feel a lot more comfortable getting the nutrients through food sources than something made in a lab.


 Happy Baby Making!



 Love and brussels sprouts,



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