Mastering Hair Care: Proven Ways to Deal with Thinning Hair

There are so many underlying factors that can cause hair loss. Medical conditions, changes in the hormonal system, deficiency in crucial vitamins, and even emotional stress can be the reason why you’re losing hair. 

While this condition may not be pleasurable, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road for your hair journey. What if your hair could become healthy again? What if you got thicker and fuller hair back? What if your scalp starts to sprout newer and voluminous hair strands? 

Properly handling your hair as it starts to thin out will ultimately put an end to your “What if?” questions for good. Before you conclude that your hair will never look lustrous again, try these 7 easy tips to handle thinning hair. 

Protecting, caring for, and Handling Thinning Hair

The best care you can give your hair can be as simple as taking supplements or including some nutrients into your meals. Whatever it may be, the goal is that your hair starts to flourish even better than before. Let’s access a few helpful tips below.

  • Up Your Protein Game 

Eating more protein significantly improves your chances of regenerating your hair follicles to boost hair growth. The amount of protein we eat daily is often quite insignificant compared to other dietary nutrients we take in. Your hair follicles are mostly made of protein, so feeding them with the nutrients they really need will work wonders for your hair. 

  • Take Your Vitamins

When you’re deficient in some vital vitamins, your hair can start to thin. Vitamin B12 and D are some of the best vitamins to stop this thinning process. You can eat your vitamins by including meat, fish, and dairy into your diet or taking the necessary hair growth supplements. This makes up for any hair thinning that may have occurred. 

  • Massage Your Scalp with Oils

Massaging your scalp improves hair growth and curbs thinning. The best way to do this is with the pad of your fingers. Gently rub in essential oils like Lavender or Rosemary oil into your scalp using the pad of your fingertips. This not only moisturizes your hair, but it also gets the blood flowing in the scalp, which causes hair follicles to grow thicker hair.

Before using any of these oils, it is advisable to do a patch test on your skin to make sure you’re not allergic to them. Place a drop of either of them on your skin and wait for 24 hours to see if there will be any reactions. Don’t use the oils if you are allergic to them.

  • Use Safe Hair Products

The harshness of the chemicals in your hair products can trigger hair thinning. Many of the regular shampoos and conditioners on the shelves are not really good for your hair. Their chemicals should be nowhere near your hair, especially if you are prone to hair loss. 

Instead, you should be using shampoos that block Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the male hormone that causes faster hair loss in the body. They address the root of the hair loss problem by inhibiting DHT hormones in your hair cells. 

  • Wear Protective Styles

It’s normal to feel a little bit (or even largely) embarrassed by prominent hair loss. Although this is nothing to be embarrassed by, sometimes we just can’t help it; and that’s okay. Thankfully, there are many ways to protect your hair and hold your head up high. For females, feel free to wear your hair in styles that cover your balding spots. A visit to the salon can handle this. A wig also comes in handy in this situation. For males, you can ask your barber to install a “man weave” until you can get your hair to grow back. 

  • Stay in Tune with Your Body

Hair loss may be because of stress, both emotional and physical. If you’ve been engaging in strenuous activities, hair loss might be your body’s way of telling you to slow things down. Talk to your Trichologist about the best line of action in this situation.

  • Let Your Hair Breathe

Hairstyles that are too tight are one of the fastest ways to thin out your hair. Excessive styling can also cause it to pull out from the roots. If your hair is already starting to thin out, wear it loosely instead of in tight ponytails. 


You have a fighting chance at growing back your thinning hair when you give it the care it deserves. While some causes of hair loss are not within your power to prevent, stopping the situation from getting worse surely is. These 7 tips will help you handle thinning hair effectively to increase your chances at fuller, shinier hair. 

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