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How do I know this works?

How do I know this works?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein



How do you know if all of this ‘healthy’ food actually works or even matters? There are so many different sources of information out there, how do you know if you’re doing the right thing?
Each person is different: male or female, 5 or 50, background, emotions, mentality, where in the world you are living, it all matters. It’s all is factored in. So how do you know if it’s right?”

I do what feels best for me and I coach my clients to do what feels best for them – the idea of bio-individuality.

Our bodies know what is best for us. Really listening to our bodies. How we feel hours after we eat, not the minute of feeling good while you are eating your french fries. When I get my green juices in I sleep less, am more productive and my mood is overall very much improved.

But to know for sure and if you are a bit more into health than just testing how you feel, you can go the next step and get your blood taken and tested.

I’ve cleaned up my diet tremendously for the past two years and in doing so have had issues in my body clear up completely, so I know that for me it’s working. To be extra sure though, I wanted to get some professional advice. Can I trust that what I feel is best for me is actually the best?

The woman that did my blood testing told me my blood cells where some of the cleanest she had seen in a while – very exciting! She told me she was going to nit-pick for things I could improve on since I wanted to know as much as possible. What she told me supported that I could trust how amazing I feel but gave me more to work on to be even healthier.


LOTS O’ FACTS: The top left square shows my blood cells, nice clean circles with a bright green (what looks like white in the picture) little aura to them. I asked what it was and she said, ‘It’s their energy, they’re alive’. Seeing your little blood cells move around was a really incredible and fun experience.

The top right shows one little cell without the aura, that is a lymphacite which means I need more low impact excersize to get my lymph system moving; rebounding, sauna, etc. The lymph system needs to be clean and moving efficiently to get rid of toxins in your body. The blood detoxes through the lymph so if the lymph isn’t clean the toxins get dumped right back into the blood instead of moving out.

The pointy circles in the top right square show too much protein in my diet. So incredible because I get mostly all (95%) of my protein from leafy greens, beans and grains, and I still get too much! Most Americans get 3x the protein they actually need – through not the cleanest sources!

Not pictured were ‘shadow cells’ that were hard to see, showing I need more fats (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.).

The bottom two are dried blood samples. The bottom right shows I have a bit too much sugar in my diet. The little white circle on the edge and the picture on the bottom left show my liver is working over-time. Your liver rids of all toxins in your body and could use a break/cleanse once in while!

ACTION: It was such a simple procedure (just a prick of the finger) and I learned so much. If you are curious about anything in your body do some tests to see how you feel. It doesn’t have to be a blood test. Do an elimination test and take one thing out of your diet that you think may be harming you and see how you feel. Does your body feel better without gluten? Or meat? Or dairy? Do something different. Test something out and see how you feel and let me know how it goes!


Love and brussels sprouts,


  1. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get this testing done? Is it better to go to a holistic doctor?

  2. Brenna Ortner says:

    After listening to Dr. Robert Young speak, whom is the founder of PH Miracle, I got blood testing done by his technicians.

    As for using a Holistic Doctor, it completely depends on what you are getting tested for and the severity. If you have any serious issues I would recommend using a Holistic Doctor or ND.

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