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How do I know if I have a hormonal imbalance?


Do you feel:


 Like getting up in the morning is almost impossible?


 That the weight is building instead of coming off?


 Like the pill is making you not feel like yourself?






 Like you need to completely crash for days after a workout?




 Extremely emotional a week before your period?


 A lot of pain during your period?


 Irregular periods?




 Addicted to sugar or caffeine?


 Unable to get pregnant?


 Like your face should not be breaking out at this age?


My expertise is with women aged 18 – 35 dealing with PCOS, irregular periods, mood imbalances, weight gain, fatigue, sugar addictions and infertility. 


What exactly are hormones? 

Many don’t realize how important our hormones are until one of them is unbalanced. Then they really realize it. Still unsure of how hormones affect us? Talk to a a pregnant woman or a 13 year old girl going through hormonal changes. They make us feel very different in our bodies. 

Hormones are produced from our endocrine system. Major endocrine glands in women are the thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, pituitary, pineal, thymus, and pancreas. Our bodies need certain precursors to be able to build hormones. Some major precursors being fats, cholesterol, and Vitamin D, plus others. When we lack these things or are chronically stressed, we are unable to produce the hormones we need. 

When one is out of whack we tend to see an obvious sign because our body is trying to tell us something is wrong. On the other side, when healthy and balanced, hormones keep our mind and body happy. If you are feeling any of the above and want to balance your hormones naturally, contact me for a consultation.  

Learn how to get to the root cause of these symptoms and balance your hormones; resulting in more energy, regular pain free periods, weight-loss, fertility, better relationships and a balanced, uplifted, sustainable mood. For good! 

Ask yourself, what is it worth to me to feel like myself again? What is more important than that? It changes everything. It makes everyday, every task, every conversation feel good and balanced and alive. Why not give yourself that much?


  1. Martha Jante says:


    I’m currently experiencing the horrible side effects of coming off birth control pills. I have been off 8 weeks now and I’m still struggling. I saw your link from one of the forums I have joined and i’m hoping you can help me as well.

    Here’s a brief summary of my condition:
    Got off the pill Nov 15 2017. First 2 weeks off i felt tired and lacking energy but i can still function and go to work. Then came the 3rd week off – i had a panic attack while at work and that was the last time i went to work. I didnt link everything that has happened to me with the pill yet so I was so frustrated and worried why i feel all these anxiety and physical symptoms (weakness, no energy, down, dizzy, nauseous, head pressure/weird creeping feeling) out of nowhere. It made me depressed. Last week of December was the time I realized it must be hormone related. So i did my research and found forums with hundreds of women from all over the globe experiencing the same as me.

    I hope you can help me as well

    Thank you!

    • Brenna says:

      Hi Martha! Ugh it’s so sad that this is such a common result of coming off of the pill. It does make sense when you think about your body being dosed with fake hormones for so many years, then when you take it away your body has to start making it’s own hormones again. Your symptoms are a result of low hormones & imbalanced hormones. In many cases women are given the pill to begin with because of symptoms stemming from low hormones so when they stop the pill their levels tend to be even lower. You can find many tips from my articles on how to build healthy hormones again, if that’s not enough then shoot me a message here so I can work with you personally. https://healthylittlebit.com/work-with-me/

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