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“None of us has the power to make someone else love us. But we all have the power to give away love, to love other people. And if we do so, we change the kind of person we are, and we change the kind of world we live in.” ~ Harold Kushner



What’s better for your health than giving? I believe it’s the most (if only) selfless and selfish thing we can do at the same time. Those tingly-feel-good feelings are extraordinary for your health. The holidays are a good reminder to give to others in need but hopefully you feel inspired to give all year long so you can load up on healthy feelings that ONLY giving with no expectation of receiving can bring.

I hope that you have a charity that you deep down, full heartedly believe in and donate to often. I have a few I thought I’d share that I’m loving right now in case you needed some help!

KIVA: http://www.kiva.org/

This organization gives loans to people (mostly women but men as well) in underdeveloped countries who want to start a business that they can live off of. An example would be a woman who needs wool to start making sweaters to sell to buy food for her family. When they are on their feet with their business they repay the loan to Kiva, and then you get your money back to re-loan to someone else.

Many of the people are grouped so that they are held accountable by the people around them, helping to push them to succeed. I really believe in KIVA and what it’s doing. Helping people to start their own businesses. They are empowered to build a system where they can continuously get their necessities by themselves. To me, it makes so much more sense. Teaching someone to fish instead of giving them the fish time after time again. You only need $25 to start to donate!

Organic Consumers’ Association: http://organicconsumersfund.org/donate/

In September 2011 lawyers representing health, environmental and consumer advocate groups filed papers to launch a California Ballot initiative that would require mandatory labeling of GMO foods and food ingredients. If California voters pass this in 2012, it will be the beginning of the end for GMO foods in the U.S. This would be HUGE and is extremely important, as this will affect packaging and labeling nation-wide.

Labeling GMO foods would bring an awareness to people that otherwise don’t have access to information about what is going into their bodies. The impact would be huge. If you live in CA, vote, if you don’t, donate! Inform yourself about what GMO foods are doing to your body – I could go on for pages!

A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle.

FAST FACT: When we give and are grateful we release the feel good chemicals serotonin & dopamine in our brains. It’s so strong we can actually feel it. There’s a reason our bodies make us happy after we give, it’s what we are meant to do!

ACTION: Find a cause YOU believe in! Trust me, it feels so much better than adding $1 onto your store purchase everytime you shop. Can you even remember what charity it went to? You will build such a connection with your charity of choice and will be more inclined to tell others about it as well. Please let me know what your favorites are or (even better for those feel good endorphins) where you are volunteering!


Love and brussels sprouts, 


  1. Allison says:

    Brenna – you’re so inspiring! After reading this post I donated to the organization Charity Water 🙂 I also put a reminder on my calendar to donate to charity at least once a month!

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