Future Challenges and Opportunities in Pediatric Dentistry

There aren’t many areas left in life where technology hasn’t already changed the way that people do things. Dentistry has not escaped the technology bug. New apps are revolutionizing the way that people seek their dental care and may be the way to increase your dental practice.

People are all about convenience, which is what technology affords them. Whether you are looking to increase your client base, trying to get old clients to be on a more regular and healthier schedule, or even make your office run more smoothly, these new apps might be the ticket to better client communication and satisfaction and to increase your bottom line.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is the new way of controlling client records. Many Startup companies offered customers the ability to gain something from performing things they do every day, and it is now extending its services to dentistry. The best way to improve customer satisfaction and to build a reputation in the community is through honest feedback. A new technology that gives the consumer benefits from giving their two cents. If they give you feedback about how their experience went, they are offered free products and services.

As a supreme asset to your practice, a real-life recount of customer satisfaction is integral to knowing how well you are doing and what things you can change to increase customer loyalty and a positive experience for your clients.

The way that blockchain works is that it creates a database of your customers so that they can log in and provide feedback about their visit. In return, they are offered Coins that can be used in the future for additional services or toward any treatments they may need going forward. That not only gives them something of value for voicing their opinion, but it also increases the likelihood that they will return for the services they need.

The app also allows clients to buy ICO or initial coin offerings, which encourages new patients to choose your dental practice over competitors. The Coins can be used like coupons on their first visit, giving potential patients an incentive to try your practice.

3D printing

3D printing is impacting just about every industry on earth, and the dental industry is really benefiting from the things that it can do. 3D printing can make a Mold of a person’s tooth immediately and print a new tooth that is an exact replica, making it a possibility to replace a tooth the same day. Investing in the new technology might be expensive upfront, but the benefits that it offers to your client base, including not having to have the tooth made in a lab, is exponential. 3D printing doesn’t just stop at making teeth, either. It also allows Winnipeg dentist to create dentures and drill guides for much more precision and a better fit all around.

Laser Detection

The old method of taking x-rays to look for dental cavities is slowly being replaced by laser detection. The traditional x-ray technology had a success rate of about 27% in finding potential caries. The new laser detection technology has a precision rate of as much as 93%. It isn’t just about catching cavities after they have begun; it is about finding vulnerabilities so that you can prevent caries before they even surface.

The best part about laser detection technology is that it doesn’t emit any harmful x-ray materials. Patients can sit in the dentist chair while the dentist scans their teeth without any side effects whatsoever. If used in routine checkups, the incidence of caries could decrease to next to nothing, and it will save countless dental patients from the pain associated with drilling and filling a tooth that is decayed.

If you want to expand your dental practice or maintain the loyalty that you have with your current customer base, taking advantage of new technology that helps you to serve them better is an excellent way to keep them both coming back for more and spreading the word about how amazing your practice is.

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