Exploring the Health Rewards of Natural Sweeteners

As the name suggests, you may obtain natural sweeteners from natural sources like fruits, plants, berries, and honey. Since time memorial, they have become a part of the human diet. During the first half of the 20th century, refined sugar, also known as sucrose, replaced other natural sweeteners and emerged victoriously. It became an outstanding sweetening agent used by food industries and consumers. Sweeteners are an inseparable part of the human diet, as they increase the taste and acceptability of the food item. 

Research reveals that there is a close relation between lifestyle disorder and sugar consumption. Various diseases like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer have emerged due to this. However, people hardly understand that there are healthier alternatives that are beneficial to human health. Natural sweeteners are an answer to this question. They taste like sugar and act as a sweetening agent. However, keep in mind that the sugar profile of each sweetener is unique. They differ in their proportion of fructose and glucose.

A list of natural sweeteners you must comprehend.

After looking at a brief understanding of natural sweeteners, take a quick look at the top natural sweeteners available in the market:

  • Raw honey: It is a sweet liquid prepared from the nectar of flowers by honey bees. It is the oldest sweetening agent known to human beings. Much before the invention of refined sugar, honey got used as a natural sweetening agent. Pure raw organic honey contains glucose and fructose as separate entities, unlike sugar. glucose and fructose as separate entities, unlike sugar. Moreover, the intestinal absorption of these elements stimulates insulin secretion. It plays a significant role in controlling blood glucose levels. Also, fructose, which is present in honey, has beneficial effects on body weight, food intake, glycaemic control, etc.

  • Wild berries: Natural wild berry is a miraculous item, which can change anything sour, pickled, acidic, or fermented. It contains glycoprotein, which binds to the taste receptors, thereby blocking anything sour. It makes the taste turn sweeter and thereby takes the individual straight to flavor town. Moreover, fresh and potent miracle berries are available in the market. It has positive implications on the health of the individual. Some variants called miracle berries also dominate the market. 

  • Sugar alcohols: It is a low digestible carbohydrate occurring naturally in vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms. Maltitol, xylitol, sorbitol, isomalt, erythritol are the most common sugar alcohols available in the market. Moreover, it has a low glycaemic index, in comparison, to sugars, and you may use it as a natural sweetener in diabetic products. Keep in mind that bacteria cannot ferment them.

  • Jams or real fruit pulps: Fruits are a much better alternative to sugar in various forms. Whether it is real fruit jam, or fruit purees, or dried fruit, or any other item, they contain natural sugar in the form of glucose, sucrose, and fructose. Research studies reveal that many fruit extracts are used as high-intensity sweeteners and are safe. Moreover, cactus pear fruit is a new source of natural sweetening agent.

In addition to this, dates, palm sugar, and sweet proteins are other natural sweetening agents. Keep in mind that natural sweeteners have glucose and fructose composition, which makes them a safe option. Therefore, you can purchase natural sweeteners like berries, honey, fruits, etc., to satiate your taste buds. 

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