Castor Oil: An Ancient Secret for Immune Boosting, Skin Enhancing and Hair Growth

While most of us know about the thick castor oil from the episodes of Tom and Jerry, only some would have considered this greasy oil for treating skin, hair and health problems. Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of castor plant known as Ricinus communis in scientific terminology. It was used by the early Egyptians for treating an irritant eye. While castor oil benefits most of our body, it was initially seen more of as a powerful laxative.

Any Precautions While using Castor Oil

Certain seeds may cause an allergic reaction and hence it is always better to consult a dermatologist or another concerned doctor for waiving off any doubts in case some reactions appear. Excessive use of this oil may aggravate certain problems like prolapses and colitis. Pregnant ladies should be extremely cautious while using it for any ailment as it may cause nausea. Using castor oil for newborn babies must also be avoided until and unless prior consultation with a certified doctor has been done.

The health benefits of castor oil are immense. They can assist you in curing lot of skin, hair, health, lymphatic and bowel problems. Over a long term, Ayurveda has always supported the use of naturally occurring resources against the strong allopathic medicines which can bring along a lot of side-effects.

Amazing Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Split ends Remedy or Conditions Hair

Split ends are a constant trouble for people who love keeping their hairs long. As split ends make hairs look frizzy, dry and uneven, often they have to be eliminated by regular trimming. If you are amongst those who are looking for a split end remedy to save your hairs from trimming cycles every other month, go for castor oil. Applying a few drops of this powerful oil at the tips of your hairs can help you fight hair fall and split ends. It is a great moisturizer which makes hairs more manageable.

Reduces Skin Acne Scars

Acne breakouts are yet another common problem faced by teens and adults at different times of the year. Sometimes, acne can be really persisting and heal slowly. Even after settling down, they might leave your skin uneven. Castor oil has anti-bacterial properties which make it an ideal solution for preventing acne scars or pimples. Dabbing a little castor oil on the face can show great results overnight. It can work miracles particularly on cystic acne which are most persistent ones. With a regular use, this oil can eliminate all skin inflammations leaving you with a flawless skin.

Improves Bowel Movements or Laxative and Relieves Constipation

Ingesting a spoon of castor oil is in itself can be a challenge. Probably it can be done by mixing the oil in your breakfast juice or cereal. Once you get used to it, your body starts responding well. This habit is extremely useful for healthy bowel movements. Many people also take castor oil for detoxifying their intestines. For whatever reason, you make up your mind to ingest it, do it carefully and in limited and restricted amounts. This oil is a great laxative due to the Ricinoleic acid present in it and can cure your digestion disorders.

Treat Fungal/Skin Infections

The Undecylenic acid present in castor oil aids in curing fungal infection. One such infection curable by the regular use of this oil is for ringworm. Being a common problem in hot and humid weathers, fungal infections need a homemade cure to bypass topical creams and other medicines. Castor oil mixed with coconut oil in a 1:2 ratio is a perfect cure for such treatments.

Reduces Joint Pains/Arthritis

When it comes to therapeutic massages for pain relief, castor oil surely finds a place in the top 5. A classic technique is to apply few drops of this oil at the pressure points and wrap the area with a warm towel. Alternatively, you can also use hot bags. The oil seeps in the skin tissues and relaxes them. This oil comes as a special aid for those suffering from a sore muscle, nerve inflammation or arthritis. The technique described above can be applied for relieving the joint pains  and back pain also. Warming up the oil a little before the application will certainly be more relieving.

Disinfecting Wounds

Many times, a few drops of this oil can be applied on abrasions, scratches and minor wounds to ease the pain. It acts as a disinfectant and has anti-bacterial properties. Castor oil benefits the blood circulation near the wound which ensures a speedy recovery. Apart for healing and reformation of skin, this oil also makes the scars appear lighter. Hydration obtained by castor oil is great for the treatment of wounds.

Prevent Premature Grey Hair

Castor oil benefits those experiencing an early greying of hairs. The omega-3 present in this oil is ideal for delaying white hairs. The humectants in the oil can lock the moisture when paired up with some essential nutrients. This moisture locking can cause darkening of hairs. To obtain the best results, it is advisable to mix castor oil with almond or olive oil and gently massage into the scalp.

Boosts Immunity

Extracts obtained from your body from castor oil helps to fight off the infections. It can energise the entire immune system. This is done by enhancing the number of white blood cells in your body. Even external application of this oil has indicated an increase in the growth of T11 cells within a day of application. As T-11 cells produce antibodies against pathogens and other threats, their increased number increases the capability of the body to fight and prevent diseases.

Treats Sores and Cramps

Castor oil has been proved to relieve sore muscles. Massaging with this rich oil can improve the flow of blood and ease cramps. An ideal way to use this oil is to mix it with a thin oil like coconut or some other amongst the essential oils. Applying pressure gently at the sites of sores can aid in a quicker healing. Although in case the problem persists longer than a week, you should consult a learned physiotherapist.

Improve Quality of Sleep

This thick and heavy oil can also help put you to a sound sleep. Carefully spreading a drop of castor oil on your eyelids can improve the quality of sleep. It relaxes your eyes and ensures an active start for the next morning. Caution and care are advised to avoid getting the oil extracts in your eyes.

Treats Chapped Lips and Nails 

Chapped lips can be big turn off! Cracked ones are a way more show down. Before you try over the counter remedies and try out every lip scrub you can buy out of your wallet, maybe giving castor oil, a trial is worth. It can be a terrible idea to put it near your mouth, considering its taste but it’s worth it.  You can avoid chapping and the cracks lips by merely tolerating a few rubs of this oil on your lips.

Let’s confront it! The monthly session of pedicures and manicures do dig up holes in the pocket. Applying castor oil on your cuticles can really be all you need to do for nail care. Rub a little castor oil on your finger and toe nails (patted dry after cleaning).  For best results do it before going to bed. The results are a way better than the spa sessions. Plus, it’s all natural.

Reduces Pigmentation/Ageing Effects

With the rising levels of pollution, dust and chemicals in the air, the rate of ageing is accelerating. Everyday exposure to harsh pollutants in the air leave your skin dehydrated, clogged and pale. It can even cause early-ageing signs to appear. Using castor oil for skin can carve out some wrinkles and delay ageing. A boost to the production of collagen and elastic is all you need for a younger looking skin. The oil sweeps right underneath your skin. Castor oil benefits in improving blood circulation are in a way related to a glowing and healthy-looking skin.

Blemish and Scar Eradication

The castor oil remedy for treating scars can be a slow yet effective in the long run. The process of healing involves filling up of the pits on your skin via fatty acids available from castor oil. Once the pits are filled, surrounding cell growth makes the healing complete. This oil encouraged healthy tissues to multiply which aids in overcoming blemishes or pigmentation spots. This remedy requires patience and persistence, so be prepared! Long term results have flattered many researchers already. This is one major reason of cosmetic products picking upon the benefits of castor oil for skin.

Prevent Cracked Heels

Any oil rich in moisturising abilities is a great solution for curbing cracked heels. Castor oil with its amazing intense moisturising and regeneration abilities definitely makes it in the list of top healers for cracks in the skin. These castor oil benefits can be extended for softening elbows and knees too. Applying it overnight gives the skin ample amount of time to absorb the oil completely.

Reduce Scalp Infections

Winters can leave your scalp dry and prone to dandruff. If there is one straightforward cure for this issue, it’s got to be castor oil. Gentle, regular massage of castor oil strengthen the hair follicles. This oil can also attenuate the chances of fungal infections on the scalp, especially in summers. All of these justify using castor oil for hair on a regular basis to fight with scalp infections.

Promotes Healthy Hair

While castor oil has a lot of benefits for the scalp, it also promotes the growth of hairs. Application of this wonderful oil make hair stronger. The deeply nourishing qualities of castor oil makes your hair look glossier. In some cases, castor oil has also been reported to prevent and reverse baldness. Overall, the benefits of castor oil for hair are immense.

Moisturising Skin

As with the hairs, heels and nails, your skin needs a damage control against excessive sun and dryness. Applying castor oil occasionally after a hot water bath can surely improve the texture of your skin and make it look younger. With a hydrated skin and healthier tissues beneath, you can surely appreciate the advantage of using castor oil for skin.

Improves Brows and Eyelashes

Castor oil also promotes growth of brows and eyelashes. Rubbing a drop or two of castor oil regularly in the region of scarce hairs can work wonders by boosting growth. Caution must be used before lavishly using this oil on your face. Ensuring that your skin responds well to the application of this oil by applying it on a little patch of skin on arm is a good idea. You can also mix this oil in 2:1 proportion with olive oil for added benefits and reducing the density of oil.

Treating Sunburn and Skin Damages

Sunburns can leave behind rashes, tanning or permanent blemishes. Sometimes, the rashes can be itchy and cause discomfort too. The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of castor oil have made it ideal for applying on sunburns. Mixing this oil in an equal proportion of coconut oil doubles the benefit. This combination is effective for diminishing permanent blemishes too.

Preventing Stretch Marks

Increasing the elasticity of skin during pregnancy is the only way to escape the appearance of post pregnancy stretch marks. Rubbing castor oil can aid this process but a consultation with your doctor is mandatory. Stretch marks can even appear after a drastic weight loss. So, those who are looking to go on a weight loss diet plan might check on the application of this oil for preventing post weight loss marks.

All the health benefits of castor oil are subjected to your skin type and individual body responses. It is important to use this oil within limits. Most importantly, check for the validity of a castor oil product before purchasing. There are many companies selling faked or vastly diluted castor oil. The use of castor oil for health supplements should be supervised by experienced medical instructors/doctor.

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