Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Your Dietary Defense Against Inflammation

In simple language, your body has a mechanism of coping potential threats from microbes or other disease-causing entities. Any tentative harm can trigger your body’s inflammatory mechanism. This mechanism works closely with the immune system which gives it the utmost authority over each cell of your body. A corrupt inflammatory system can even turn on a combat against the critical resources of your immune system. In this article we are going to discuss best Anti-Inflammatory Foods in your daily dietary lifestyle.

Why Is Inflammation Harmful?

An unguided inflammatory system can start attacking your body from inside.  These attacks can aggravate to serious problems like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, diabetes, cancers etc.

Well, of course, there are medicines but there are some dietary changes and considerations which can help you better than the pharmacy. Nutritionist, researchers and doctors believe that carefully choosing anti-inflammatory foods in your diet meal plan can prevent a lot of ailments in your body.

Foods to Avoid in Inflammatory

While there are so many foods which can reduce inflammation symptoms and keep inflammation mechanism in check, there are foods which can worsen inflammation in your body. These foods should be avoided or taken in monitored quantities for the anti-inflammatory diet to work properly. Following are some of the inflammatory foods to avoid:

  1. Refined carbohydrates
  2. Sodas
  3. Processed meat
  4. Fried foods
  5. Margarine
  6. Excessive Dairy products

Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Add in Your Diet

There are many anti-inflammatory foods which can reduce your risk of contracting chronic inflammation. Following is the list of some of the best natural anti-inflammatory foods:


Berries top the list of anti-inflammatory foods. They can significantly reduce inflammation and associated symptoms. Beverages and drinks rich in berry extracts are used for neutralising the inflammations brought in by of high amounts of fats and carbohydrates. Flavonoids make berries a healthy addition to your anti-inflammatory diet meal plan. The anti-inflammatory properties of berries suppress inflammation causing genes.  A rich content of vitamin C and polyphenols eradicate free radicals from the body.  Blueberries, strawberries and cherries are particularly beneficial. Amongst these, blueberries are the most effective once. Oranges can also aid in similar anti-inflammatory mechanisms in your body. Apart from anti-inflammation, antioxidants present in these are great specifically for your skin. Removal of free radicles can solve many of your skin issues and postpone the signs of ageing.


Ginger contains a compound called gingerols. These compounds are extremely powerful. While on one hand, their anti-inflammatory qualities block inflammation causing enzymes in the body, in the other hand their antioxidants suppress the inflammation symptoms. Gingerols are also anti-bacterial and contribute to strengthening the immunity of body against diseases. Gingers are particularly effective in treating the symptoms of arthritis. These symptoms include swelling in the joints and pain. Unlike garlic, ginger is best taken fresh.  It can be added to curries, fried rice and soups but the predominant use of ginger is in tea.


Oats are present in every list of super foods which can possibly exist. They are loaded with Omega-3s which have a lot of benefiting traits. Consuming oats aids in weight loss by minimising bloating. Oats increase the capability of your body in fighting inflammations. The resistant starch in them passes through the stomach undigested. The healthy gut bacteria feed on oats and produce fatty acids. These acids encourage a more efficient fat oxidation.  As a result of this butyrate is formed which brings down inflammation. It also aids in reducing insulin resistance. Mixing oats, dark chocolates and berries in yogurt is the best breakfast you can have while on an anti-inflammatory diet meal plan.

Green Tea

The catechins present in green tea make it the most effective tea against inflammation.  Catechins are a group of antioxidants which are found in green tea extracts. Epigallocatechin gallate is a catechin type found dominantly in green tea leaves. The polyphenol content of green tea makes it an even powerful agent for fighting inflammation and its symptoms. Apart from these benefits, green tea is very effective in aiding weight loss, skin problems and detoxification of the body.


Turmeric roots possess potent anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin present in turmeric inhibits the activation of inflammatory pathways. This is done by blocking the production of pro-inflammatory enzymes. The antioxidants present in turmeric add to it immense medicinal value. These roots can strengthen the immune system, prevent liver damage and keep heart diseases away. Turmeric extracts mixed in hot oil is used for easing joint inflammations. Turmeric tops the list of anti-inflammatory foods for relieving pain and arthritis related symptoms.

Red Salmon

Salmon is an extremely rich source of omega-3s! the presence of these healthy fats make salmon famous for their anti-inflammatory benefits. The polyunsaturated fats in salmon make it nutritious and healthy. The type of Omega-3s present in salmon are efficient in boosting metabolism. This is due to the fact that fatty acids present in salmon needs no activation and directly regulates inflammation. The cause release of a hormone named adiponectin. This hormone is responsible for the burning of carbs and production of energy. Hence, this hormone can directly impact the presence of inflammation markers in your body. This makes red salmon an ideal food for an anti-inflammatory diet meal plan.

Red Peppers

Peppers are the best anti-inflammatory foods as they contain a lot of vitamin C. Amongst all the varieties, red peppers have the maximum amount of vitamin C making them a strong inflammatory marker removal food. Peppers neutralise the free radicals in your body which eliminate the proliferation of inflammatory symptoms. Th beta-carotene’s in peppers are beneficial in easing out the symptoms of arthritis and preventing cancers. Consumption of red peppers can significantly reduce the impacts of allergies too.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has to top on the list of best natural anti-inflammatory foods. Studies point out that dark chocolates are converted to compounds which calm down the genes causing insulin resistance in the body. These compounds also fight symptoms of inflammation. This conversion is aided via a process called as fermentation. To enhance the speed of this process you can eat apples along with dark chocolates. The catch is to look for the best dark chocolates from the shelf. A cocoa content of above 70% and above is your ideal choice. Also, keep the amount you consume in check.

Black Beans

Black beans help you maintain your gut health. They are rich in proteins and fibers. The presence of resistant starch in these super foods makes them even more nutritious. Consuming black bean can help you to lose your weight.  The anthocyanins present in these beans provides a great inflammation coping mechanism. Meals including black beans have higher antioxidant levels and lead to a lower post meal insulin. Both of these measures decrease oxidative stress and inflammation within your body.

Black beans can be cooked in soups, added to salads after boiling, grind in health smoothies or mashed in doughs. It’s always better not to go for canned beans as they contain a lot of preservatives and are highly processed.


Broccoli is a green leafy vegetable rich in vitamin K. The sprouts’ glycosylate content of this vegetable makes it a relevant addition to your diet. This compound keeps unwanted inflammation away. This happens by their conversion into I3C. I3C suppresses the pro-inflammatory symptoms. The capability of compounds found in broccoli to regulate inflammatory responses in the body is appreciable. You can consume boiled and salted broccoli as a salad or add it in your dry vegetables. Just make sure you don’t overcook it. It is always better to opt for fresh broccoli as they have a better nutritional value.


Beets are a wonderful source of antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids, pigments which contain anti-inflammatory and chemo preventive activities. They are a perfect addition to your anti-inflammatory diet meal plan. Consuming beets help your body to flush out toxins. These roots revive your organs and prevents diabetes or blood pressure. They lower the levels of anti-inflammatory markers released as a result of belly fat. Drinking up beet juice can lift up your moods and mark a fresh start to your day. These are amongst the best natural anti inflammatory foods that doctors recommend strongly.

Chia Seeds:

Increased sugar levels and obesity are two alarming factors which can really put your body in troubles. Considering the possible hazards, the inflammatory mechanism can come into play and worsen the condition. Production of reactive oxygen as a result of post meal sugar spikes can be a serious trigger for inflammation. Consuming chia seed can keep sugar levels in check. These seeds decrease your appetite and aids in weight loss. Additionally, they also keep your body hydrated. All these pros make chia seeds top the list of an all in one anti inflammatory foods.  These seeds can be sprinkled over soups, desserts, curries or mixed in dough. Many people use chia seeds in breads too.


This delicious food contributes in keeping inflammation symptoms in control. These symptoms may include post exercise cramps or muscle soreness, asthmatic symptoms etc. All these symptoms can trigger an inflammation mechanism in your body. These qualities of pineapple can be attributed to the presence of a powerful enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme blocks the release and spread of proinflammatory molecules, absence of which keeps your body in a non-alarmed state. Thought, pineapple is rich in this enzyme many people can miss out on adequate quantities of bromelain. This is due to the fact that this enzyme is present majorly in the hard stem of this fruit, which is often discarded. So, make sure you eat the stem or grind it into a juice for getting the most out of this fruit.

Extra virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great indulgence for all the health enthusiasts. It keeps your heart in good shape and gives your skin a younger look. The presence of oleocanthal in extra virgin olive oil, which is unrefined add a lot more value in its consumption. Including this oil in your anti-inflammatory diet has similar response that of an ibuprofen. It prevents the production of harmful enzymes which can aid in increasing the pre-inflammatory symptoms. The abundance of polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil makes it valuable in the list of anti-inflammatory foods. Consuming this oil is fairly easy as it can be used in salad dressings and drizzled over your pastas.


Garlic is the essence of many Indian meals. Ayurvedic remedies for cold highly recommend using garlic as a cure. The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of garlic can be attributed to the presence of a compound called allicin in it. This compound suppresses the enzymes that accelerate infections. Aged garlic has been shown to stimulate anti-inflammatory proteins. It also eliminates inflammatory markers to a great extent. Garlic is better used after crushing as it eases the production of allicin. Allicin a bioactive compound which can increase the benefits obtained from garlic. This same compound gives a strong odor to garlic. Garlic can also bring down your cholesterol levels and treat fungal infections.


Yogurt is an essential part of any anti-inflammatory diet meal plan. This is because low sugar yogurt is a good source of probiotics. Probiotics play a great role in maintaining the gut health. Keeping your gut health in check is important because this is a place where foods are broken into fatty acids. These fatty acids are anti-inflammatory. Eating yogurt regularly, sends helpful microbes in your gut which help fight inflammation.


Any anti-inflammatory diet plan basically involves foods which supports each other in keeping inflammations in check. The microbes which reach your gut via probiotics feed off pectin from apples to survive and proliferate in your gut. This catalyzes the activities in your stomach. Apples are rich in fibers and antioxidants too which makes them one amongst the best natural anti-inflammatory foods.


Omega -3 can be extracted out of plants in the form of ALA. This plant-based extract is anti-inflammatory and can be a great indulgence while on an anti-inflammatory diet. Other types of omega-3s like animal-based extracts are also effective against inflammation. Nuts which contain these type of omega-3 extracts in higher quantities are walnuts. Vitamin E is also great for fighting oxidative stress accumulation in the body. Almonds are amongst the best anti-inflammatory foods with vitamin E Another nut worth mentioning is hazelnut whose oleic acid content is provides protection and strengthening of immune system.

Following an anti-inflammatory diet food is definitely a great move for stabilising your body and making your immune system more reliable. The little lifestyle changes can aid in further making this diet work. Try to be physically active and exercise at least for 30 minutes every day. This will not only help your metabolism but will also help you in coping with the day-to-day stress.

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