7 Reasons Your Weight Isn’t Changing Despite Your Efforts

Do you eat right, do not allow yourself too much, and do sports, and the scales seem to be frozen at a dead center? We figure out what’s the matter.

When we seem to be doing our best to stay fit and not gain too much, but often, even with physical activity and a balanced healthy diet, the weight stubbornly stays in place. We analysed the most likely problems because of which you are unable to lose weight.

Reasons For Static Weight

Many of us get worried when despite all our efforts the weight stays at one point. No matter what we do to decrease it, it just doesn’t move. There might be several reasons for it, which are not aware of yet. In this article, we will discuss six of them in detail.

Let’s get started with the list:

1- You Overeat

The most common reason the weight is frozen at one point is overeating. Having tuned in to the wave of proper nutrition, we often forget that most of the healthy foods are in no way inferior in calorie content to harmful ones.

These hidden enemies may include, for example, nuts, dried fruits, and even low-fat cheeses. The same goes for so-called “healthy” snacks, which often contain too much sugar.

Remember, the main rule of losing weight is not getting enough calories. If you continue to eat more calories than you burn, get ready for the fact that the arrow on the scale will not only freeze in one place for a long time but will subsequently creep up. The best solution is to wait until you feel the urge to eat. Don’t just eat out of boredom.

2- Disorder with Physical Activity

People who want to lose extra pounds, by all means, overload themselves with exhausting cardio loads, forgetting that this is not enough for effective weight loss.

Only strength training (combined with moderate cardio) can significantly speed up metabolism and calorie burning, which directly leads to weight loss through fat loss. Besides, after the end of such training, the body will consume energy for a long time, because actively working muscles will need to recharge, which they will take from fats.

Be sure to include 3-4 strength exercises in your training process, combining them with cardio load, and do not forget to properly rest. 

3- Your Metabolism Has Slowed Down

A fast metabolism is directly related to a beautiful figure: for the weight to go away intensively, the metabolism needs to be adjusted. To do this, it is important to stay active, get enough sleep, observe a drinking regimen and, of course, eat a balanced diet.

Most likely, your metabolism began to “slow down” because for some reason you do not eat enough foods rich in fiber and protein. It will also be harmless to increase the amount of water you drink. Perhaps the metabolism refuses to work due to dehydration of the body. Low-carb or low-fat diets and alcohol abuse also affect a slow metabolism that inhibits weight loss. 

You need to avoid such a diet and also get treatment if you drink excessively. The alcohol abuse hotline is the best option, you can take. They can conveniently guide you on a phone call regarding what you should be doing for this addiction. Follow the guidelines they provide and you will notice positive changes.

4- Health Problems

Unfortunately, an unbalanced diet and lack of physical activity are not the worst obstacles to achieving an ideal weight.

 Physiological deviations most of all affect our well-being. Often we may not even understand why the body does not cope with certain processes, and the real reason will be hidden in a subtle and previously unknown factor.

If you can honestly tell yourself that you’ve tried all the ways to boost your metabolism, eat healthily, get enough rest, and exercise, we recommend that you see your doctor and get tested. Thyroid problems, insulin resistance, and adrenal dysfunction may be among the reasons that directly affect your fitness.

5- Uncontrolled Meals

We have said many times that not having breakfast will negatively affect not only your well-being but also your figure. The first meal is the main metabolic booster that saves us from overeating all day long. At the same time skipping breakfast is not the only possible reason for “freezing” the weight.

 Think about it: is your main meal in the evening? Remember that a healthy dinner should be low in calories and easily digestible. In the evening, it is best to eat more protein and vegetables, and reduce the remaining nutrients to a minimum, if not completely eliminated. It is also important that, even if you keep track of the daily calorie content of all dishes, dinner should have two times fewer calories than lunch.

6- You Are Not Controlling Number of Snacks

Another reason for the weight to freeze is unnecessary snack eating. They may seem light but they can affect your weight if taken in large quantities daily between two meals. Moreover, you may be taking snacks that are high in calories. So be careful with the choice of snacks you are going to eat.

Control the number of snacks: choosing too high-calorie or sweet snacks, we imperceptibly overeat and go beyond the daily calorie intake. It ultimately affects weight.

Summing Up

So, exercising alone will not be effective, if you continue with your older habits. It is extremely important to put the effort in every way, or your weight will just freeze to a point or may creep to the right.

Choose your optimal diet and strictly follow it. It can be two meals a day with a snack or a full three meals a day, split meals, or intermittent therapeutic fasting. Plan a diet that will work in your favor and suit your body. 

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