6 Reasons Healthcare Social Work Might Be Your Dream Career

Have you ever analyzed why some people, like those drawn to Healthcare Social Work, prefer advanced studies? Why their thirst for knowledge never gets satisfied? Is it just a pile of degrees and certificates they desire, or is it a deeper passion for sectors like Healthcare Social Work that drives them? Well, regardless if we belong to that group or not, the answer to all of these is passion. The desire to explore their field of study and excel in its very branches, such as Healthcare Social Work, is what makes them unstoppable. Luckily this world has a lot to offer to such individuals.

When someone is pursuing a degree, he or she knows where it is going to take him after completion. For example, if you are specializing in marketing, you have an idea that, sooner or later, you would end up crafting or executing marketing strategies. Most of the disciplines are like that – they are explicit about their utility. However, this is not the situation with healthcare and social work.

People are still unaware of its widespread application. You might presume that specialization in healthcare and social work is extensive and time-consuming, but brief research might change your mind.

1. Massive Job Market

Gone are the days when unemployment concerned only third-world countries. Recently, it has emerged as a global issue. So, no matter what degree you hold, pulling off the desired job is a tough nut to crack these days. Sometimes people must toil for years before even getting enough salary to make ends meet. However, having specialized in the healthcare sector, you are far more likely to get a job without a lot of hiccups down the road.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the social work sector is registering a growth of 16 percent annually. These numbers are unprecedented because a variety of groups have recognized the need for social workers.

People belonging to different sectors of the healthcare industry, such as healthcare social workers, are still relatively well paid even if they aren’t the highest-paid professionals in the field. If you are interested in medicine and social work a masters in social work online can be a smart option for graduates.

2. Positively Influencing Society

People may have access to all sorts of perks because of their position, but that doesn’t mean that they are entirely happy with their respective jobs. For many people monetary gains alone are not enough to ensure job satisfaction. Humans also require emotional fulfilment, knowing that the efforts you make matter. There are few other jobs that can be as emotionally engaging as social work. The whole reason behind social work is improving society.

You can drive expensive cars or spend vacations on the most popular tourist destinations. But the accomplishment that comes by helping a substance abuser get over their addiction and start a drug-free life is on a different emotional level. As a social worker, one gets a chance to help fix common social problems. By engaging in the fight against poverty, mental health and domestic violence, to name a few, you help your fellow (wo)men and improve your community.

3. A Path to Personal Growth

In many workplaces, employees behave like robots. They are assigned a typical set of tasks that need to get done by the end of the day. In other words, workers barely have the flexibility to indulge in anything diverse. This kind of work-setting will always keep you in your comfort zone. As a result, you will never come to terms with your weaknesses and get them out of the system to pave the way for personal growth.

In contrast, healthcare social work always pushes an individual to explore oneself. The nature of social work is such that everyone related to this field has to face different scenarios every day. For example, one day, you could be explaining someone the consequences of suicide, and the next day you may be raising voice for the rights of patients.

After being exposed to all these starkly different situations, you will subsequently grow in skills and confidence. Indeed, this field will challenge every bit of you. But, as they say, if something does challenge you, it does not change you.

4. Chance of Becoming an Inspiration

The world is full of misery now. So much so, millions of people around the world don’t have access to even fundamental needs. According to UN stats, about 821 million people fall short of the required daily intake of food. There are people suffering throughout the world. We know that the world would be a far more tormenting and disturbing place to live if a handful of social workers had not strived to make a change. Try removing all the charitable trusts from the scene, and things would appear grimmer instantly. They deal with macro-level interventions to cope with issues that others ignore.

Therefore, in a way, we are all indebted to the past and present social workers. They are the reason why youngsters are interested in social work. You also have an opportunity to become one a social work influencer and inspire coming generations.

5. Learning the True Value of Small Things

When things are easily accessible, humans tend to take them for granted. Several everyday commodities don’t get their due share of value just because they are available to us 24/7. But once you step into healthcare, you will begin to see them with an entirely different lens. The less-privileged communities will teach you to be grateful for living in well-built houses, sending kids to good schools, traveling in a safe mass-transport system and other small parts of your daily life.

6. Flexible Schedule

The current generation does not subscribe to the idea of working 9-to-5. Today, individuals prefer jobs that provide them better work-life balance. Guess what – the healthcare sector is second to none when it comes to working at flexible hours. Since healthcare workers have to be available 24/7, you may choose to perform your duties in a shift that most matches your preferences. So much so, you could even utilize the option to work for short weeks.

Final Words

As you can see, specialization in healthcare social work could fill your life with exciting new challenges. From substantial pay checks to emotional accomplishments, from work-life balance to job security, it has everything covered. Is it not a shame that most people are still unaware about the scope of healthcare specializations and social work?

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