4 Undeniable Signs It’s Time for Rehab – Don’t Ignore Them!

Going out and letting loose is a great way to alleviate some of the stress you have in your life. While some people can go out and have just one drink, this can prove to be quite difficult for an addict. Whether you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, getting the treatment you need to reduce the damage this disease does to your life is important. Some addicts live in a state of constant denial where they tell themselves they have their drug or alcohol use under control. There is a very fine line between being in control and hopelessly spiralling out of control due to a substance abuse problem. Read below to find out whether it is time for you to check into a rehab facility.

1. You Regularly Drive Your Vehicle When Drunk or High

Among the most dangerous signs that it is time to check into a rehab facility is the fact that you have driven while high or drunk. Some people have this false sense of security when under the influence, which can quickly be taken away when they are involved in a car crash. In recent studies, researchers found that nearly a quarter of all drugged drivers who were involved in fatal accidents were over the age of 50. This tells us that substance abuse issues cross generational lines, which should give you pause if you are currently battling addiction. Getting behind the wheel of a car, even if you think you just have a buzz, can lead to you killing yourself or others on the road. Reaching out for some professional help is the best way to meet this problem head on.

2. You Have Health Problems as a Result of Your Drug or Alcohol Abuse

If you are starting to have serious health issues as a result of your drug or alcohol use, then chances are it is time to start looking for a rehab facility. People who have a problem with drinking will usually experience issues with their heart brain and liver. Individuals who take drugs on a regular basis may also experience problems with their cardiovascular system. If you share needles to inject drugs intravenously, then you are at a higher risk of contracting diseases like HIV or even hepatitis C. Rather than letting your addiction wreck your body, you need to reach out for some help immediately.

3. Friends and Family Have Staged an Intervention

Another sign you will notice when it is time to enter a substance abuse treatment facility is the fact that your friends and family have staged an intervention. Many addicts have the misconception that their drug and alcohol use only affect them, but this is not the case. The people around an addict will usually suffer because of bad life choices. If you are tired of disappointing your friends and family and are ready for substance detox, then finding a treatment facility is a must. The professionals at this treatment facility will be able to provide you with the tools you need to live a happy and sober life.

4. You Are Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

Some people fail to realize just how damaging their substance abuse is until they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms after days without drug or drink. These withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to quite severe. As soon as you start to experience these problems, you will need to seek out some medical help to find out what needs to be done. Choosing a rehab facility with around the clock medical care is a great way to ensure you stay healthy throughout your stay. Doing a bit of research is the best way to figure out which of the treatment facilities in your area is the best fit for your needs.

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