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4 Top Food Myths (and what to eat instead!)

4 Top Food Myths (and what to eat instead!)

“The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal.”

~Deepak Chopra




1-  Milk does the body good.

Conventional mass-produced-factory-farmed milk is legally allowed to have a certain percentage of have pus, urine, and even blood in it. This is from the machines that are hooked up to the animals for far too long, cutting into their udders. The cows are pumped with hormones so that they can artificially produce milk all year long. They are fed corn and soy instead of eating what they are supposed to be eating (grass) and therefore get sick so they are given antibiotics, which is also sitting in our cup/bowl/coffee.

What is left of the nutrients is then killed off from pasteurization so that the milk is safe for human consumption. YUM!

  • Use almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk or no milk! Who says we need to have a white milk like substance anyways?  🙂
  • If you want cow’s milk drink raw milk. It comes from cows that are grass fed, hanging out in the sun, not given any hormones or antibiotics, milked humanely and the enzymes & nutrients have not been pasteurized out of it (hence the name – raw milk). It is perfectly safe to drink.


2- Egg yolks cause high cholesterol.

Egg yolks do not cause high cholesterol. They do have healthy cholesterol in them that you need, as cholesterol is found in every cell of your body. Cholesterol is a precursor to all steroid hormones and without it you cannot make estrogen, testosterone, and many other vital hormones. What causes the high/bad cholesterol is sugar, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, processed foods, smoking and emotional stress, to name a few. 

I frequently hear people ordering just egg whites. If you are eating eggs, please eat the whole thing.  The yolk is there for a reason, it helps our body digest the egg white. It has a great source of Omega 3s that your brain needs to function properly. Separating things in nature is where so many of us go wrong. It’s very simple. Eat what nature gives us & don’t change it around too much. Buy free-range eggs, or even better find a local farm where you can see the chickadees running around in the sun!

Healthy Little Tip: The less you cook the yolk, the better it is for you. Over cooking eggs (ex. scrambling) can cause the good cholesterol to go rancid. 



3- Fat makes you fat.

Many people stray away from fatty foods, thinking it will cause them to gain weight. It’s actually quite the opposite. Whole, raw foods such as avocados and coconut oil are high in fat but do not turn to fat on your body. When eating quality, raw, whole foods, the nutrients and enzymes are welcomed into your body. They are directed exactly where they need to go and help to build stronger bones, improve liver, lung and brain health, increase proper nerve signaling and strong immune system. Even saturated fat is good for you. It just depends on the quality of it. Saturated fat from coconut oil is very different from processed margarine or chips. Depriving yourself of an essential nutrient such as fat is what will cause your body to search for more and more food to quench that need, causing over-eating and weight gain.

  • Eat fats from whole foods. When it’s pure and straight from nature your brain recognizes it and tells you when you are full. Avocados & raw coconut oil are adaptogenic; helping people gain weight if they need to or lose weight if they need to, depending on the body. A little mind-blowing that a plant can be so smart. Buy organic, local, and raw whenever possible. 
  • Foods to increase: Avocados. Hummus. Coconut Oil. Chia Seeds. Flax Seeds. Olives. Brazil Nuts. 



4- Chocolate is bad for you.

Women in particular need magnesium and raw cocoa has loads of it. Key word = raw. If you’re eating peanut butter M&Ms (my old all time favorite) you are getting very little magnesium, nutrients, or enzymes. You are instead eating high fructose corn syrup, milk and a very small amount of pasteurized chocolate.  Which is why our bodies eat so much of it; our brain is searching for the nutrient that we’ve processed out of it.

Raw cocoa is highly nutritious. You can find raw chocolate at health food stores or my all time favorite brand Sacred Chocolate ‘Mylk’ all organic and raw cacao butter, cacao nibs, maple sugar, whole cacao beans with the skin (WHOLE foods) & vanilla bean. It’s creamy and delicious and tastes like milk chocolate. 

Click here for the deliciousness!


Fast fact: The top 4 food myths that I often hear are that milk does the body good, egg yolks cause high cholesterol, fat makes you fat and chocolate is bad for you. I can’t stress enough that it’s not necessarily what you are eating but the quality of it. I can’t remember the last time I checked calories, fat, or nutrient content, because I eat such whole pure foods. I trust nature has put the perfect combination of enzymes, minerals and nutrients in the perfect symbiotic relationship for my body to absorb it.

Action: Buy whole, organic and raw foods whenever possible. Find a local farmer to buy your eggs. Swap out your conventional milk for something better. Learn where the foods you are putting into your body come from. Be proactive. The cleaner and less altered the source the nutrients the healthier, happier & more energized you will become!

Love and brussels sprouts,


  1. OK..so the Sacred Chocolate? Sooooooooooo yummy! I absolutely love it.

    Didn’t know about over cooking the egg yolks. Thanks for sharing.

    On my shopping list today: Avocados!

    Great artical!

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