10 Keys to Effective and Lasting Weight Loss

Weight loss is always a journey and a hard one that most people often give up halfway. A lot of us need to lose a little weight. However, most often find it hard enough to do alone and unaided.

Therefore, what is the best and healthy way to lose weight without compromising on quality food and everyday life activities? Well, here are some ten tips that should help you cut off some pounds.

1. Drink Loads of Water

Take a big bottle of water, about 2.5 pints can work for you. You should aim to finish it all before the end of the workday. This will stop you from snacking, as you will not feel hungry at all.

Besides, water has loads of other benefits form keeping you hydrated, making your skin soft and healthy as well preventing cracks and scales all over your body. It is also great for cleansing the body from any toxic by-products.

2. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Try to eat more whole fruits and vegetables, as juice and smoothies are calorie dense and therefore not ideal. In some countries they recommend five servings of different kinds of fruits and vegetables a day, some recommend ten.

Therefore, if you are eating ten servings of vegetables and fruits then you should feel full without having to load up on any snacks.

3. Eat a Heavy Breakfast

Instead of toast, that will crash your energy levels later in the day. Have some oatmeal or scrambled eggs. Make sure your breakfast is heavy and healthy, avoid energy drinks in the morning and stick to fluids like milk or fruit juice

4. Have a Meal Plan

If you are always wandering aimlessly around the supermarket, you are likely going to be tempted to buy whatever junk food you come across.

Meal planning will keep you away from unhealthy food products and prevent you from constantly snacking or buying junk.

Moreover, you can always order what you need online, to avoid overthinking about what to eat for each meal. Just make sure it is healthy and helpful when it comes to weight loss.

You should also be in tune with your calorie count as well as what you are supposed to eat and what to stay away from. You can look for some tips for meal plans here.

5. Have Healthy Snacks Handy

Staying healthy while trying to lose weight does not mean that you stop having snacks altogether. You can have some healthy fruit snacks as well as rice cakes, Greek yogurt, celery and carrot sticks as they make handy snacks that can keep off hunger pangs in between meals.

6. Eat Lean Meat

Try to avoid processed meat products, trim the fat off your steaks and do not eat the skin when you eat burgers. You will save many calories that way, and it will be better for your body too.

You can always do some bit of research on this part, in order to come up with the best possible types of lean meat and try to stick to the menu. Otherwise, you will be doing zero work.

7. Go easy On the Beer and Energy Drinks

Alcohol is calorie dense and full of sugar. Try to cut it down or stop drinking it altogether. Energy drinks might seem healthy but they are full of sugar too, so avoid them all the time. Go easy on these things. Do not forget about cutting off the sugar-laden coffee.

8. Stop Eating Out

You would save a fortune if you stopped eating out. Your waistline will thank you for it too. So start taking packed lunch to work with you.

9. Balance Your Diet

Stop those food elimination diets and start eating a balanced diet so you do not feel deprived of anything. Serving sizes are the things that ruin most people‚Äôs diets. you can use diet supplements to help maintain this.

10. There Are No Good or Bad Foods

Stop thinking about food in terms of virtue, eat food that you like in terms of taste and take it in moderation. If you do not like kale, but prefer broccoli, serve broccoli and forget the kale. If you like apples but do not like pears, do not stress because pears are the super-food of the month. Have a sensible relationship with food, that way you minimize stress level in your body.


Therefore, weight loss is not easy. It requires a certain kind of discipline that is not forced. It can be hard for some and easy for few. Nevertheless, if you have put your mind to it, you can do it without straining yourself or your body. Moreover, you should try to mix the healthy eating habits with some exercise to enhance your weight loss journey.

Swapping an all-or-nothing approach for some easy healthy switch-ups in your daily routine can pack a big weight loss punch over time. Implementing some of our easy tips to lose weight can lead to more weight loss than you ever imagined and it will be very easy to maintain your optimal weight.

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