10 Essential Gear for Kickstarting Your Home Workout Space

When one gets the convenience of enjoying their home workout space, then who would like to step outside of their house and tolerate the hassle of traveling. Having your gym, according to your requirement of exercise is also a great blessing. At home, you are your trainer. You’re free to practice whatever training you wish to. Also, you get rid of many other to-do list things that you need to do before leaving for the gym. That is also some hectic work which I hate to do and many other necessities which are to be carried to the gym. So, let’s explore why!  

Why do you need a home gym now-a-day?

Firstly, you are not time bounded. From your comfort and convenience, opt time and do whenever you like to practice. Timing is negotiable. Secondly, you are not supposed to carry the basic accessories like your water bottle, your sweat towel, and others much more. Thirdly, you are not instructed by anybody, nor are you answerable to anyone. Fourthly and my favorite one is that I am at my home, at my ease. I have created my own space, according to my wish, according to my arrangements, which encourages me, even more, to give myself time in this sort of physical therapy. These factors are overwhelming enough to have a gym at my home.

What do you need for a home gym?  

Many people are searching for ‘what do I need for a home gym?’, and that is what pieces of equipment are required to have my own gym. Let’s have a little chit chat regarding the types of equipment to complete your gym.

Exercise mat:

Since you are starting from scratch, you will need to have the most basic things, and the first place takes the exercise mat. To prevent your back from aching and providing yourself with comfort, you will need a mat because initially, you will warm up yourself and then you will start the real workout. So, this is a must-have accessory. Make sure you look for a thicker mat, as the floor is hard; it might hurt your back. There are a variety of stores that provide these kinds of mats.

Resistance bands:

One of the lightest weighted and efficient equipment is the resistance band. Their greatness lies in the fact that they are cost-effective, easy to handle and acquire less room. They may seem small, but their contribution to your workout is significant.


Most prominent parts on which most people concentrate are muscles. So, kettlebells play their role here. This equipment is not less than any dumbbell, but its physical appearance is different. This equipment helps in building up your muscles, and if we talk in terms of health, it helps in maintaining the heartbeat. This challenging equipment is even more important than you think.

Set of medium-weight dumbbells:  

The major and most vital equipment is to get yourself a set of medium-weight dumbbells. These are necessary for your home gym because we can see these are the mains. If you’re perplexed between the weights of dumbbells you need to purchase, then you need to observe your stamina and fitness level. Examine and scrutinize your potential. Generally, newbies go for medium weighted dumbbells.

Set of heavyweight dumbbells:    

Heavyweight dumbbells are the same equipment as mentioned above but differ in weight. So people who habitually lift heavy weights can have these.

Alternate option: Set of adjustable dumbbells:

If you have a habit of altering your dumbbells according to your moods or your designed plan, then you must get yourself an adjustable set of dumbbells. They can be arranged in lighter, medium, or heavyweight according to your need.

Light dumbbells:

Above all mentioned equipment can meet your requirement to build a home gym; if you still have a budget and have room for more tools, you can also have a set of light dumbbells.

HD gym mirror: 

HD gym mirror is an obligatory object; it helps in monitoring yourself and your figure. Daily you can have a look at yourself and observe the transformation in yourself. However, while answering the question, “what do I need for a home gym,” we can’t miss the HD gym mirror; so, get your hands on this accessory too.

Jump rope:  

This equipment which we enjoy most is the jump rope. This form of workout is almost everyone’s favorite, and this is a piece of must-have equipment in your gym equipment collection. In my sight, without this fun tool, your gym kit is incomplete.

Stability Ball:

This isn’t the actual gym requirement, but you can add up on your list to have a stability ball. This also is a great source to empower you and attract you towards your gym.


So, I guess this must be a very fruitful and knowledgeable post for the ones who are planning to create one or who are thinking of renovating it. Now, you got your answers to your question, ‘what do I need for a home gym.’ I hope you create and build the best home gym.

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